Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


2. the tour bus

We all met Alison at the back of the bar so no one would see. " is this everything ? " Niall asked Alison " yep it is " she replied while popping the P and he said " ok, Harry and Ashton can you guys help me bring these bags to the tour bus ? And Luke can you show Rachel and Alison to the tour bus ?" Niall asked. " yes " they both said " sure " Luke said as he walked over to us and said " follow me " and we both follow him. Once we got in the tour bus he said " I'll show you guys around " and we nod are heads and Luke said " ok well over here on this end is the bathroom and bunk beds, you guys will have this one " he said walking to the back of the bus and pointing at the bathroom then the bunk Alison and I will share and then he walked the the middle and said " this is basically the living room and the kitchen " and we look around and saw a big couch and on the other side was a small kitchen. Luke then said " the table is under the couch " and we said " ok cool. " and we were about to walk away when he said " you guys can put your stuff in those cupboards " while pointing to the cupboards next to are bunk bed and we said " ok thanks " and the Niall, Harry and Ashton walked in with are stuff and the rest of the guys and Niall said " you guys can put your stuff away and then we will leave for the next state " and they gave us are stuff and we went to put them away.

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