Two blonds

Rachel is just a normal fan of one direction and 5 seconds of summer. One day she meets them and they become good friends. Luke and Niall fall in love with her . Rachel will have to choose between them and they just happen to be her favs in the bands. Who will she choose ?


4. the beach

Harry " you guys wanna go out to the beach ? " Harry asks us. Michael " I hate sand " he says as he goes a gets on the computer. " come on Michael it will be fun " Rachael says trying to get Michael to go. " fine " Michael says in annoyance. Everyone gets their things and we head to the beach.

Ashton, Harry and Liam bring all the stuff to the spot abs then Alison says " you guys wanna play volleyball ? " most of them say " yeah " but Michael says " I guess. " we walk to the volleyball court and Alison says " we will split up in teams, Rachael and I will be captains, I'll pick first " Alison and move away from each other then she says " Liam " and I say " Harry " and she says " calum " and I say " Luke " she says " Louis " and I say " Ashton " then she says " Michael " I say " Niall " and she says " zayn " and they go on the other side and we start playing. I served first. We played like 4 rounds then we were all getting hot and went in the water. Luke splashes Michael and he goes " what was that for ? " abs Luke says " for fun ". Michael then splashes and then Harry splashes Niall and everyone gets in a water fight. Later on we were just swimming and then Michael asks " do any of you wanna go walk ? " Harry, Ashton, Alison and Niall all said " yeah sure " and they started waking on to the shore and walking down the beach.

Once they got back we all left.

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