The big adventures

The group of friends that go's on adventures.

The horror.

The romance.

The comedy.

The adventure.


1. Chapter one

Me and my 3 friends , Adam , Tom and jack. Are 15 year olds. We live in a place called happy vile but at night the signs changed to hauntedville . At 8 no matter how dark or how light it is we have to be home , the town is cursed .

My name is Rebecca but everyone calls me becky. We all go to the happy ville school. The schools quite creepy its self. The schools over 1000 years old the teachers say. There's a graveyard right behind the school and that makes it creepier.  

I lost my parents because of the happenings of haunted ville , they stayed out past 8 and the horrible things happened. I don't really want to talk about it , it happened about 6 months ago.


It was September 15th 1999, I was walking down to Adams house. I do have feelings for Adam that no one knows about and I'm kind of glad. As I was walking down to his house I seen the strangest thing. The school was pure black , every window everything was black. I started running down to Adams house.


when I got there Tom and jack was there to. I told them about the school. We packed our back packs and got ready to go. We ran down to the school. When we got there the main door was wide open. I was panicking. We walked into the school, the door creaked. It was 5 o'clock. The doors locked behind us as we walked in. The main hall was dark and quiet. A light started flashing in the corner. I got so frightened I grabbed on to Adam. He held me tight. I asked him if he could come over to mine tonight , he said yes but just me and you.

It was 7:30. We decided to leave. Adam walked home with me. My auntie was out tonight so it was just me and Adam. We watched a horror, I got scared and I cuddled up to Adam. Adam starting talked to me. He asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend. My answer was yes. This was the happiest moment of my life.

He asked me if he could ask me another question. I said yes. The question was ........... 



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