That one brown wolf

Sora Tala Harvey, a wolf in the Sacache pack. She was a strong girl, but something haunted her. How could she deal with having a normal teenage life, when she had to protect her family, tribe and pack from a group of 'Cold Ones' otherwise known as vampires? And would she ever imprint on someone?


1. Wolf

The moon was beautiful. The sky full of stars. The breeze flew through my hair and it was cold. My ripped jeans and black shirt, denim jacket that was four sizes too big and my converse. Everything was perfect, except the fact I was watching over the beach because it was were I had been stationed.

Sora Tala Harvey was my full name. I love my name, my power and the meaning behind my life. Sora means Sky, Tala means wolf, and I don't know what Harvey means. My train of thought was disturbed by a noise behind me. I turned quickly, my stance turned to one of defence and I was ready to phase at any minute.

Once I had turned, the Alpha of my pack, smiled and held his hands up. "Wow Sora, I'm not an enemy" he laughed. "Caleb! You scared the goddamn shiz out of me" I growled. My hair swung widely around my face from my quick turn and I tried yogic it back up. My hair was brown, I loved it's shade!

Caleb was the Alpha of the pack. He was well built in body stature, and his hair was always cut short. Tan, yet not to tan, with tattoos on his left arm. He also had the strangest personality, he was always happy, he hardly ever got mad and he was really....bouncy I guess. I didn't have a different way to describe him.

"Well your patrols over, go get some sleep" he smiled a boyish grin at me. I walked over and hit his arm. "Have fun, it's getting cold" I smirked and began to run home.

I returned to my family's house in the reservation. It was a nice house, big enough for us all and it was always like a home. I walked in and turned the hallway light on. I guessed my parents and sister were asleep. I smiled as I walked around the lower level of the house. My brown eyes scanned the area and I then flopped down on the sofa. I was really tired, I hadn't been this tired earlier.

I sat up on the leather and pulled my jacket off, removed my shoes and curled up in a ball, I threw my jacket over me as a make do blanket and sighed contently. As my eyes fluttered closed on the black leather sofa, I couldn't help have the feeling someone was watching me.

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