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1. the boy who I fell for

Hi I am Hannah Irwin yeah I know Ashton Irwin sister yeah he my older brother I am 14 he is 18 he Is very protective since our mom was killed by our dad he is in jail since he did that anyway let's continue

Ashton: Hannah come on we have to go meet the boys

Me: okay

Ash and me drive to the Starbucks to meet the boys we walked in and saw the guys we say with them I was sitting in between Luke and Mikey we all talked then my friend sent me a text saying come over I told ash I was going he said okay be back to Starbucks in an hour I said bye to all the boys and went to my friends house she didn't live to far so I walked I was walking and somebody called my name I turne and it was the person I never wanted to see again it was our dad

Dad: we'll we'll we'll hat do we have here

Me: leave me alone dad

I texted my friend and I told her my dad was back she called the cops and Ashton to tell him the cops came an got dad ash came and got me and told me we ha to go stay with Luke for a while.

Me: okay

Ash:let's go home get stuff then go to Luke's

We got home got stuff and headed to Luke's house his mom Liz was home me and Liz went to the kitchen we were talking and I got a text

Unknown: meet me at park in 5 or else

I went to the park I tol ash I was going to the store cause if I told him he would flip out

So when I got to the park I walked to the tree where the person told me to meet them I saw a boy in a hoodie walking towards me he took it off and it was my ex bf justin I hate him he cheated on me with my BFF Mackenzie he came over to me and punched my lip then left I walked back home Luke and Liz left it was ash and cal came over I walked in soaked in rain oh yeah it had to start pouring rain on my way home

Ash: where have you been

Me: nowhere

Ash: tell me and take off your hoodie

I took off my hoodie he saw my lip

Ash:what happened to our lip and don't say nothing

Me: justin told me to meet him at the park

Ashton yelled at me I told him it was an unknown number he told me to go to our bedroom we share at Luke's so I did I cried my lip was hurting

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