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  • Published: 2 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 2 Oct 2014
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I wrote this poem one day, when I was thinking about something my grandfather had told me. I knew he was wise, and I would always try my hardest to humbly accept what he told me, but from some of the things he said, I realized that maybe he didn’t always grasp on to the strongest understanding of certain concepts. It made me realize that though he has lived through much more than I have, and is further along his journey across the bridge of life, his experience brought him to different conclusions than others’, and sometimes my own. The challenges and obstacles that he’d overcome had exposed me to the lessons he had learned.

1. Wisdom


Some carelessly relate the elderly  

To the sagacious minds of the sensible.

Others thoroughly believe that with time,

Comes knowledge,

And with age,

Comes understanding.

I, aside from all other prospects,

Gather that with experience, comes insight…

Insight to life, ethicals, living.

Insight to the hardships of one’s journey,

But also the key to making it through to the end.

Insight to the wonders of opening your mind,

And ever so simply accepting the advice of those who care.

Insight, that the observations drawn from meaningful 

Occurrences can be the turning point to one’s life,

No matter when it comes about;

Anywhere down the road to a new beginning… 

And I believe with every assurance,

That wisdom is not defined by age, nor intelligence.

Rather, wisdom is every understanding acknowledged, 

And develops with the growth of these realizations.

Still, the misconception of relations between

Age, and wisdom emerge.

But even then, it is unsurprising, 

Because with every new waking that comes to light,

We gain from the happenings of that day,

We couldn’t have gained from yesterday.

Though, the difference between the relation,

Lies separately within the hands of each individual… 

And when some choose to accept the lessons of life,

While others choose to turn away from the message,

The misunderstanding is acknowledged,

And finally, the difference between age,

And wisdom understood…   

July 10, 2014

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