Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


5. Writers Block

Writers Block. Something every writer has experienced. Even famous authors like

Veronica Roth (Divergent Series). I am currently experiment in one of my movellas. 

Something that I like to do is not write for a few days and I look around me and just watch things happen. The girl that no one likes that sits in the back, she could  be your main character. 

But DO NOT DO FILLER CHAPTERS! I hate it when people do that! If your story is about a girl 

who falls in love with a bad boy don't make a chapter about how her sister is cheating on her boyfriend! Each chapter needs to have a meaning. Like one of my movellas its called Dying Wish and its a cancer story and she uses her wish to meet One Direction. I'm not going to have a chapter about her getting a job at Starbucks. IT NEEDS TO SUPPORT THE STORY! 


Writers block is really hard to get over. Somethings you can do is put out a mumble and say can someone give me a few ideas for my movella '__________'. Then hopefully someone comments and gives you ideas. GIVE CREDIT! You usually see authors notes at the bottom of peoples chapters, do a couple of lines down and write 'Idea from _(Who ever_.' 




Hope this helps! Comment any questions, tips or if you want advice or tips on something just comment down below!!





Question asked by Marisa S

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