Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


7. Things I don't like:

    This chapter is pretty much about the things I hate when I read stories on here or on Wattpad! If yours is like this it might give you some advice or you can just ignore it!



     Something that I hate is when people do not quotation marks: ". Do not use this: '. Use quotation marks! It annoys me so much when someone doesn't use them or uses something else. 


    Another thing you shouldn't use is She said, he said over again, use other things like she yelled, she explained, he screamed, he cried, ect. 


     Don't use pictures to describe the outfit! You can use a picture but describe it to. You don't read a book with pictures of the outfits in it! 


     Also don't use tons of exclamation points like if someone is saying "Yay" don't put "Yay!!!!" I get you want to draw attention to it but don't do that! AND ALSO DO NOT DO ITALICS EVERY TIME SOMEONE IS SPEAKING! I can't stand when people do that. Maybe if their thinking something in there head and you make that in italics that fine but don't put the dialog in italics! 


Don't make a chapter with just the character so like it would be titled characters and you have the names above it. DESCRIBE THE CHARACTER IN THE WRITING! But don't over describe them. 


     Don't make the dialog or any part in the movella in all caps! Unless its a movella is like this or a rant book, if its a story or fanfic then don't have it in caps. If its like this its okay to have some in caps (But not all) because you want to get your point across!



     Hope this helps! This isn't all of them just ones that were on my mind! Also if you want me to review one of your movellas comment the link below and I will be very honest if your not okay with me being completely honest then don't have me review it!

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