A poem about Celephais in the Dreamlands.


1. 001

A seaport in the land of Ooth-Nargai,
Being build of sky-blue marble;
Topped by slender minarets.

Bronze statues of famous herous,
One page topped from Al Azif.
In the center of the temple to Nath-Horthath,
Where eighty orchid-wreathed priests serve,
No less than ten thousand years old art they.

The greatest trading center in the Dreamlands,
Creatures of all sort in their bazaars.
As in Sona-Nyl, there being no time,
Nobody ever ages, dreamers aloft
In the taverns of Celephais.
Nobody matures, remaining forever innocent.

King Kuranes: King of Celephais,
Lost his life through drug addiction.
Living forever in the Dreamlands,
In the Palace of Seventy Delights,
Built of flawless rose-crystal.

Past the eastern gate is a park,
Wherein the King build a Norman Abbey
And a small Cornish fishing village,
To resemble his native Cornwall,
To which he can never return,
Now that his waking form is dead...

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