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5. The Bonfire of Bullying: Burn Bullying out!

Now I'm sure nobody likes a bully, right? But sometimes you've just got to "Get busy livin', and get busy dying." instead of letting them get to you. What that little Shawshank Redemption quote means in this case is that you just need to hold your head high and get on with life, don't allow trivial school drama to pollute your path. Only, not everybody knows this. So, what do we do about bullying? We can't attack it straight-on, because nobody knows how. So instead we will use a slower but far more permanent deterrent of bullying. If we all follow these tips, future generations could be one step closer to happier schools.


1. DO Tell someone. ANYONE. You can even just write a diary entry and talk about all the horrible girls if you haven't the courage to tell. Once you've written everything the bully has done and how it makes you feel, bravely hand the diary in to a parent or teacher and tell them it is imperative they read it. There, that's 

"One less One less prob-lem!"


2. DON'T Fight back! Don't start fights either, because then you're the bully! Sure, you need to legally fight them to stop them from harassing you, but don't call them nasty names or beat them up. If you want some nice, clean comebacks that will leave them dumbfounded but won't get you in trouble, here are a few of my favourites!

1. Bully says "You're fat!"

You say "Thank you. You say the nicest things! I'm glad I'm not malnourished like those poor starving kids in Africa!"

Bully says "You're ugly!"

You say "Ooh, has somebody been admiring my complexion then?"

Bully says "You're stupid!"

You say "Madame, I am driven to say that your sudden and unexpected accusation insinuating that I am unintelligent is quite preposterous, quite preposterous indeed!"

Bully says "Nobody likes you!"

You say "Sadly, no, nobody likes me. But isn't it funny how many people love me? Suppose I have some sort of people magnet on me!"

3. DO Stand up for yourself. You can't always count on other people to help you out, and the most trustworthy person you know is YOU!


4. DON'T let them get to you! They're obviously really pathetic excuses for members of a community if they can't even be decent to people!


5. DO try to understand. Maybe they have some issues at home and they think that making other people miserable will even it out. It WON'T, but they don't know that! If that person comes up to you and starts being horrid, just say

"Look, I don't know what's the matter with you right now, but I don't want to be targeted by you when I've done nothing wrong. Do you feel sad or lonely or distressed? I could always help you out if that's what it takes."

If I were a bully, I think I would DEFINITELY give up bullying for that!

(Add on to the list if you think you have any more)






Well, this ^ is definitely one way NOT to approach bullying. But maybe they got a couple of things right. Bullying really is terrible, and so are bullies. You can't deny that. But the way to fight it is to stay strong, hold your head up and say

"I don't care what you think."! 


What are YOUR top ten tips for bullying? Write your ideas in the comments below!

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