Harry's thoughts and feelings during Deathly Hallows for Ginny.
Hope you like it :)


1. New chapter

"Your parents are dead. You have no family." Ron yelled.

Harry felt himself run at Ron.

"Stop." Hermione yelled, "Portego."

Suddenly a shield formed between Ron and Harry.

"Fine. Go then. Leave the locket." Harry yelled at Ron.

Ron took the locket off and threw it onto the other bed and looked at Hermione.

"Now. Are you coming or are you staying?" Ron asked Hermione.

"What. I'm staying." Hermione said with tears filling in her eyes.

"Just as I thought. I seen you to the other day." Ron said looking more angry and hurt than ever.

"Ron. That's, that's nothing." But it was to late. Ron was already out side. Hermione looked at Harry and then ran outside of the tent to him.

Harry stood there for a moment not knowing what to think. Then Hermione came back inside crying worse than ever.

"He's gone." Was all she could say as she Kaye's down on Ron's bed and cried.

Harry took a deep breath he couldn't believe it. His best friend was gone his other best friend was hurt. He couldn't stand this. Harry went to the other bed picked up the locket and fell asleep.

"Ginny." Harry said. Running towards Ginny's lifeless body in the chamber of secrets.

"No. Ginny please don't be dead, wake up, wake up."

"She won't wake." Tom said. "As poor Ginny grows weaker I grow stronger." He added.

Harry picked up the diary.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked. "Stop no!" He yelled as Harry stabbed the book. Tom Riddle was gone.

Harry woke up. He looked around and seen Hermione laying in Ron's bed asleep. Harry got up and went to Hermione bag.

"Accio Map." Harry whispered pointing his wand at the bad. A the ----- map flew out of the bag, Harry picked it up and opened it. He looked and seen it. Ginny's name in the Girls Dormitory asleep.

"Ginny." Harry whispered. He sat there for what seemed like hours. Just watching her dot hoping she was alright.

"Harry?" Hermione said as she sat up. "What are you doing?" She sounded as though she cried all night.

"Nothing. Harry said as he tucked the map way, back into the bag.

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