The reckoning {re uploaded}


1. treason

For over centuries, there had been a supernatural realm living among us all along. I had first encountered a meeting with a supernatural being not so long ago. 


The treason hour.

The supernatural beings hid among the humans and they caused an uprising, my town, was demolished in the year 2045. I am now currently a hostage in an old prison cell among other humans, but the prisons are guarded by supernatural creatures. 

Every saturday they take two humans out of their prison cells into a circular, unhygienic battle area to fight to their deaths. The prize is to become any supernatural creature they so desire, and live in one of the royal manors and serve by the founders side. 

The founders name is Rolenzio Lockwood. He is a hybrid, a werewolf and a vampire. 

No one has ever stood up to him and fought for themselves. 

And it's not like that'll happen any time soon.

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