What I Like About You

The last thing Eleanor (Elle) Darling thought, would be that she would fall for the cashier at AEO. Although she keeps convincing herself that this isn't a crush, she just can't stop thinking about Luke. But when he suddenly asks for her number, she starts to convince herself that they might be a future couple, but Elle isn't sure that this will all end well...

Rosalyn (Rosie) Mancini has the best boyfriend ever, Spencer. He's loving, caring, funny... But when Ashton, Luke's band mate, comes into her life, she realizes that Spencer can't be the one. She grows feelings for Ashton but doesn't have the heart to break up with Spencer. Who will she choose and what will she do?

(This story takes place before 5sos are famous)


11. Chapter 10

This was a hard chapter to write and it's kinda short but it's something. Anyways, hey guys!!! I felt like I haven't updated in forever even though it hasn't been a week. Let me know what you think :))) byee

- E


Luke's pov

That morning, I wasn't tired like normal, I was ready to go, excited to show someone the song, excited to finally ask Elle to be my girlfriend.

Wow, it hasn't even been a week and I think that I love this girl.

I quickly texted Elle.

Me: can I take you out for dinner tonight? I have something reallyyy big planned tonight because I like you more than the earth itself an I would say that I love you, but you might think I'm crazy.

Elle: welllll you are kinda crazy, but that wouldn't be crazy because I think I might love you, too... But yeah I'd love to go out to dinner :D

After she responded, I became giddy inside. She might love me too, wow.

Then, I quickly threw on some clothes and headed to my car, not bothering to say bye to any of the guys. I pulled into the restaurant parking lot and saw that Claire was just outside, cleaning the windows.

My hand grabbed my guitar, which was in the passenger seat and I walked up to Claire.

I tapped her shoulder, and she practically jumped three feet into the air.

"Oh god!" She exclaimed. Then yelled "Luke! I haven't seen you in forever! What's up?" A smile covered her whole face and I couldn't help but smile too.

"Hey! I'm doing good, great actually and I was wondering if you could listen to a song for me. I, uh, just wrote it because I'm asking a girl to be my girlfriend."

"Oh my gosh, yes! I'm soo happy for you, finally living life and getting a girl."

I smiled sheepishly at her comment, remembering the times that I came here in tears or just plainly depressed.

I started playing and singing.

That's what I like about you

You hold me tight

Tell me I'm the only one

Wanna come over tonight?


She was grinning as I started to sing and surprisingly, people actually started to listen as I played. They started clapping to the song and I felt this weird kind of joy fill up inside me. I always felt more comfortable performing, so seeing that people were actually paying attention to me felt good. Our band isn't that popular, we get a few hundred views on YouTube, nothing special, so it was really cool having like a live audience.

That's what I like about you, you

That's what I like about you

I finished he song and, by then, there was probably 20 people standing there and listening. Their applause was loud and most people threw some cash by my feet.

Claire started jumping and clapping her hands like a child. Then she hugged me and I hugged her back, thankful that she liked the song.

"Whoever your asking is so lucky. She'll love the song, the great!" Claire told me this as she unraveled her arms from my neck.

A smile was plastered to my face as I said, "Thanks so much, Claire!"

The people surrounding us headed on their ways and Claire helped me pick up their money.

"Well, I got to get back to work, but good luck. I know she'll say yes." She gave me a reassuring smile and strides back into the restaurant.

Happiness was coursing rough my body. I was almost shaking with excitement just thinking about Elle and I couldn't help but think that Elle might actually be mine. If she says yes, we'd be a thing, a couple. She'd me mine and I'd be hers. That thought made me happier than anything.

I casually walked back to my car and drove back to Ash's place. I haven't told the boys about my song or about my plans on asking Elle to be my girlfriend. I needed to fill them in on everything going through my head.

Elle's pov

I stroll the sidewalk on my way to Ashton's place, surprising Luke since I didn't see him yesterday.

I'm about four blocks away from a restaurant called Margie's Diner. I remember Luke telling me that it's one of his favorite places.

I'm now two blocks away from it and realize a commotion outside the place. From here, I only hear clapping and there's a crowd of people.

As I get closer, I see someone playing a song to a girl and a group of people watching him perform.

I'm across the street from the diner and I hear he words what I like about you.

My heart sinks past my feet. It feels like it's falling from the Empire State Building. And then it reaches the ground and dies. My heart dies at what I see.

My eyes cloud up with tears and my breathing shakes as the boy finishes his song. The crowd cheerfully claps and throws money to him. The girl jumps and squeals then they hug and although I can't hear what they say to each other, they smile while they talk to one another.

I should've known it was too good to be true. I'm not pretty, I'm not funny, I'm a piece of trash compared to a boy like Luke. I can't believe that i even let myself get that close with him! I should've known that he didn't actually like me, just an act. Why he would act like that? I don't know... A bet maybe? All I know is that, we're nothing.

And to think that he actually cared. I mean, he said that his thinks he loves me and I told him that to! It's messed up to tell a girl you love her, then go sing to another girl about what you like about her!

The girl walked back inside the restaurant and Luke happily walked back to his car.

I stand in the sidewalk with tears raining down my cheeks. They were obviously a thing, or at least going to be, while meanwhile he said that I was his world and has a huge surprise for me!

I shake my head, sobbing.

I was filled with anger and hurt.

My heart died. It fell and died. I was broken, dead inside. The only thing left inside me was anger.

I hate myself for giving him a chance, for believing him when he told me that I'm beautiful, that he loves me. But I also hate him for telling me all these things and seeing another girl the same time.

I ran and ran, getting back to my apartment. The elevator couldn't go fast enough and I was stock with another teenage couple staring at me.

Tears were racing down my face and my breathing was extremely choppy. My stomach hurt and I felt empty.

The girl in the elevator looked up at her boyfriend and then stepped over to me.

"Hey, I don't know what happened, but everything is going to be fine." Her voice was soothing and she gently touched my shoulder.

"Yeah, you'll be fine," her boyfriend chimed in.

"Is it a boy problem?" She asked sympathetically. It's strange that a stranger seemed to care about me more than Luke did.

I nodded shakily and she handed me a tissue from her purse.

The elevator dinged and we were at floor 5, my floor. I stumbled out, mumbling a thank you to the girl. She looked at me with a worried expression as the doors closed.

I ran down the hall, with the tears till as heavy as before. It took me a few tries to get my door open because my hand was shaking and I couldn't get my key in.

I slammed the door behind me and slid down against the door.

I texted Luke real quick.

Me: can't go out tonight anymore

I didn't wait for him to respond, I just threw my phone across the room and stayed against the wall as I let the sobs and ragged breaths consume me again.

This time I think I'm broken beyond repair.

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