Paragon of Benevolence

This is an incredible true story about Dr. Charles Chasner, a medic in the Vietnam war who survived and was changed forever. He dedicated his life to being a man of the highest moral standards, and simply overflowed with charity, kindness and good-will.


1. Prologue.

    Dr. Charles Chasner was never especially religious. He came from a poor family immigrated from Italy just before he was born. When Charles and his brother Nick both got their medical degrees, it seemed like things were finally changing for the better. That was, until the war in Vietnam began. Charles enlisted as an army doctor - a medic with a specialty in radiology. He expected to see terrible things while overseas, horrible injuries and many deaths. 

    But Charles certainly never expected to end up here.

    As one of the medical team, he considered himself fairly isolated from those on the front line physically, though never mentally. Nevertheless, this isolation didn’t stop him from being captured by the Vietcong and thrown in a cell for a countless number of months as a prisoner of war. Sitting alone, terrified and desperate, Charles certainly had a lot of time to think, to come to terms with his mortality.

    Dr. Charles Chasner was never especially religious, until he faced death and escaped alive.

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