The Blades||5SOS||



1. Chapter 1

chapter 1

I wake up to the screeching sound of my alarm clock. not giving a shit, I reach out for my alarm clock and throw it across the room hoping it will shut up. thankfully, it did.

I take my time getting up and walking to my closet. I slide the small door open revealing my old wardrobe. my clothes were old and considered out of style compared to today's fashion, but I like the clothes I wore.

looking around in my closet, I scratched at my scabbed arm. it was a habit of mine, which always led to me needed more bandages than usual. I grabbed my black skinny jeans, a plain black top, and my army green jacket. I threw it all on my bed before going over to my drawer and grabber a random bra and pair of socks. i pulled of my Green Day shirt and blue boxers that I usually slept in then put on all of my clothes.

I walked my bathroom grabbing a hair tie and putting my platinum hair in a messy pony tail. I grabbed my tube of mascara, opened it, and applied it to my eyelashes. I screwed the top back on placed where I picked it up. I looked back up into the mirror and ran my finger over the cut on my lip from the girl who thought she was funny for shoving me in the street. Ben though I beat the total shit out of her, she got her lick in, and I was cool with that.

I walked back into my room, picking up my old pair of black Dr.Martins and slipping them on. I grabbed my black vans book sack that had multiply button pins on it. I grabbed my phone, keys, and book sack before leaving the house and jumping into my car.


I walked into school with my hands in my pockets and eyes glued onto me. I was considered "the bad ass" in school. everybody thought I was a drug dealer. they also thought that I beat up people for fun and that I have no feelings. but in reality, it's the opposite. people think I can't hear them when they talk about me, but I can. I can hear every word they say.

after opening my locker, I shove all my books into my locker. I pull out my phone to check all my social media.

before I can unlock my phone, his voice rings through my ears for the first time in forever. I was instantly engulfed by goosebumps and I couldn't move. "I'm just imagining things. he's not here." keeps running through my head. but I hear him again.

"hey, have you seen Hayden?"

"um, no. sorry."

the voice was getting closer. I could no longer breath. he's famous, why is he here? why is he looking for me? he's loved by millions. I'm loved by no one. I don't understand.

I'm pulled out of my trance by a tap on my shoulder. I quickly spin around to be faced with him.


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