Backstage Passes

Taylor Green has a less than extravagant life. She gets made fun of at school, she lives in a crummy part of the city, and is the daughter to a drunk widow who can't seem to get her priorities straight. Taylor really only has her friend Sarah, and her brother Zach. When finally, she sees that One Direction are going to be in town, and she takes this opportunity to meet her idols. She and Sarah decide to camp outside the venue, little does she know that her life is about to change forever.


1. Chapter 1

We had been standing outside of the stadium for more than 24 hours waiting anxiously to possibly get even just a glimpse of the boys who changed our lives. Our energy was running low and hopes with it. Sarah looked at me and I could tell by the glossiness in her eyes and the pale color of her face, that she was ready to give up. "We're never going to see them Taylor, let's just go." "Just a few more hours, please." I begged. She kinda rolled her eyes and sat back down on the cold sidewalk. It was now 6am and the line had died from almost 50 people to a squandering 12.

I wasn't about to give up. My life is a mess; I'm a struggling college student, with no money, I argue with my parents so much that I can't even remember the last time I had a civil conversation with them, my last friend left was Sarah. (However I wasn't sure how much longer she was going to stick around since I've made her sit outside in freezing cold weather for the past day). The only thing in my life truly worth living for were these boys, and their music. Whenever I'm sad, I turn to them and they're always there, to make me forget how harsh and cruel the world really is. And this is my one chance to tell them thank you for that.

It's now pushing 7am and I see that another 5 or 6 people had left. So I turn around to grab my things. As I start to wake up Sarah to leave, I hear: "There they are!" I turned quickly to see a huge black bus pulling up to the venue. Am I dreaming? Could this really be them? The bus door slowly opens and after what feels like an eternity, I finally see a figure coming out of the dark entry way, the morning sun reveals his face and it's Liam, he smiles sheepishly and waves to the remaining small group of girls. Following him was Louis who looked like he had just came out of hibernation, he scratches his head a tries to open his eyes more as they were still half closed from his slumber. Next Zayn, wearing a Led Zepplin cut off and grey sweats with a red beanie. And Harry, in running shorts and a baseball cap on backwards. He was the first to move towards us. As he did, the girls screams turn more into sobs. And lastly, out walked Niall, in his white tee, black sweats, and ray bans sunglasses. He messes with his hair and walks over with the rest of the boys. Soon they begin taking pictures with us and signing autographs. I got pictures with all the boys and had them sign my band tee. As Niall was signing my sleeve I accidentally let the words slip out, "You are the only reason I am happy. Thank you." I covered my mouth after I had said because I felt bad, I never want to make the boys feel sorry for me. They don't need to know that I have a crappy life. But I was thinking out loud I guess. Niall stopped suddenly and looked me right in the eyes. "Why? Is everything okay?" I froze. I couldn't even think of anything to say. Was he really interested in what was going on with me? Finally I muttered, "I just don't really have anyone that's there for me, sometimes I feel like you guys are the only ones who listen to me, yet you don't even know my name." I kinda giggled after I said that. He cracked half a smile and grabbed me by the hand, and asked me my name. "T-T-Taylor" I could barely pull myself together enough to say my own name, after all my entire body was numb. "Well, Taylor, I know your name now. And I will ALWAYS be here for you." He squeezed my hand a little tighter and smiled. I was about to cry but for the sake of not embarrassing myself I just smiled back and mouthed the words "thank you". He moved on to the next few girls to take pictures with them. Sarah and I hung around a little longer. As the boys were walking into the stadium for sound check, they turned around one last time to wave goodbye. Niall and I made eye contact and he blew me a kiss. I then saw him call over a security guard. Thinking nothing of it, I gathered my stuff and began walking back to the the car. When suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the security guard that Niall was talking to. "Mr. Horan would like to know if you two ladies would be interested in the joining them with their activities for the day?" My heart stopped, was this really happening? Niall wants to spend time with me and Sarah? Before I could even answer, Sarah answered for me "yes! We'd love to!" I just looked at her and smiled from ear to ear. "Okay, just follow me."

He directed us through the back entrance of the stadium, when we walked in we saw Zayn making himself a cup of coffee, Harry was scrolling through his twitter feed and the other three boys were kicking a soccer ball around. As the ball rolled to Niall, he stopped it with his foot and looked up at us. We probably looked so stupid standing there, like deer in headlights. He smiled and waved, and then tried to show off and do a trick but ended up knocking a lamp off the side table. "You idiot!" Louis said chuckling. "I'll pay for it" Niall replied laughing as he trotted towards us. "I'm glad you guys came back" his smile was so mesmerizing, I was so hypnotized by it that I forgot to respond. Sarah nudged me. "Thank you for inviting us" I said quietly. I nervously brushed my hair out of my face. "Niall, are those your girlfriends?" Harry asked jokingly. "Yeh they're both mine, so back off" he laughed and put his arms around us as if he was protecting us. The boys laughed and continued what they were doing. "You can sit down, make yourself at home. Would you like anything to eat or drink?" I was starving but I didn't want to look like a pig; "just water please." Sarah ordered the same. It was any teenage boys dream backstage. They had video games, skateboards, miniature ATV's, and food galore: pizza, candy, soda, brownies and more. It's amazing to me that these boys aren't obese. Niall hands us both water bottles and sits down beside me and puts his arm on the seat back behind me. "So where are you girls from?" "Here." Sarah replied. "Oh nice. Were you going to the show tonight?" I almost forgot that they were even playing that night. "No" I said "we couldn't get any tickets." He looked at Harry and Harry kinda nodded his head. "Well if you're not doing anything. You guys are welcome to sit with the crew members in the private section." Was this really happening right now? My heart started beating so fast, was I dreaming? "yeah, that sounds like fun" I said very nonchalantly.

"Alright guys let's go!" Paul came through the door with a clipboard in his hand. Louis threw a small ball and hit Paul in the head. He fell the floor in laughter, then Paul picked it up and threw it back at him with double the force. Louis then proceeded to scream. "Ow! I've been shot, I'm dead! Gotta find another mate to replace me!" Liam, laughing as well, fell down on top of Louis and acted like he was giving him CPR. "I swear I'm in a band full of idiots." Zayn giggled to himself as he sipped his coffee. "Alright get up, we're running out of daylight" Paul says, "we've got sound check right now. 5SOS are almost done." He swoops Louis up from the ground and throws him over his shoulder.

"You wanna come to sound check with us?" Niall asked. I nodded anxiously. We all exit the back room and make our way to the stage. Sarah and I sat down in the seating area while the boys got there microphones set up. Niall and I made eye contact and he winked at me. I just blushed and looked straight to the floor. "Call me crazy, but I think Niall might have a crush on you" Sarah said. My pupils widened, "No! A guy like Niall would never like a girl like me. He probably just feels bad because of what I told him." Sarah just shook her head and turned to watch the boys. Could Niall maybe actually like me? No. I didn't want to get my hopes up.

Sound check was over and we headed back stage again. I finally gave in a grabbed myself a piece of pizza, Louis followed me and grabbed 3 slices and slapped them on his plate, he smiled at me and licked the grease off his fingers. Niall came and sat on the table and grabbed himself a slice. "So how old are you?" I wiped my mouth swallowed all my food before replying. "18" I said. He nodded his head a little and took another bite of his pizza, he looked around the room and looked back at me and asked "do you have a boyfriend?" I nearly dropped my pizza on the ground. "Uhmm no, no I don't." He gave a crooked grin and engulfed the rest of his slice. He wiped his hands on his sweats, jumped off the table, and walked away. Why would he ask me that and then just walk away? Was he just trying to get me excited? Or was he planning something? Confused and a little bit mad, I walked over to Sarah who was talking with Liam. They were laughing about something Liam had just said. "So are you ladies coming to the show tonight?" He asked us. "Yes. Niall invited us to sit with the crew members" Sarah responded. "Great, can't wait to see you again. But if you'll excuse me, I have to go get freshened up." He got up from the couch and walked over to Louis, who was passed out on the recliner with a half eaten slice of pizza on his chest. Liam picked up the slice and smacked Louis across the face with it. Louis quickly jumped up and chased Liam down the hallway. I had no idea where Niall had gone, now it was just me, Sarah, Zayn, and Harry left in the room. "Well," I said breaking the silence. "I think we're going to head home really quick to change for tonight." Zayn smiled and nodded his head and Harry: "wear your finest attire." He laughed. Sarah and I both giggled and started walking towards the door. The security guard handed us two backstage passes and reminded us to bring them tonight so that we could get back in. We exit the building and were almost blinded by the daylight sun. We ran to car and rushed home to get ready for the night.

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