Get Your Fash-On

I love fashion. When my birthday comes around, my BFFs buy me AMAZING outfits. But can I just choose one? YES! I have had my eye on this beautiful dress for months—I never stop thinking about it. Why can't I just use all of my money now just to get that dress to wear at prom—yes, PROM!

1. Intro

Basically I'm a normal girl that is totally obsessed with fashion. I have had my eyes on a dress for months that totally sums up 'Jessica'. On my birthday every year, my BFFs forever get me an outfit from all of them, and I always adore it. This year, I want that dress to wear to prom, but my birthday is on the same night as my birthday party, two days after the prom! Talk about a present RUINED!


Some things just get too complicated. 

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