Rescue Me

This is a funny and romantic tale of what happens when One Direction finds a witty and unique girl stumbling into their lives.


1. Chapter One

Zayn's POV:

It's a very dark, rainy night. The boys are fast asleep in their rooms, but I can't manage to fall asleep. So I sit here in the window frame, looking at the rain pour down on the murky street. Nothing is going on outside, it IS one in the morning. But suddenly, a pick up truck pulls up. Some guy gets out of the drivers seat and opens the back. What I assume is someone's body falls out. The man speed-walks back to the drivers side and takes off. I am speechless. Am I witnessing murder? A kidnapping?! I have to do something.

I jump up, almost falling down in the process, and rush out the door. "Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay" I mumble to myself as I hurry down the stairs. I burst out the front door and run to the lump on the pavement. It's a girl. I scoop her up, and to my surprise, she's really light. She's warm so she can't be dead, but she's probably injured from the fall.

I run back in the boys and my flat with her in my arms. I know I should be looking at the stairs when im climbing up them, but I notice how pretty she is. Shes got long, blonde hair, and not too tan but not too pale skin. Turns out I really should look where i'm going because I randomly trip. I manage to turn around before impact, so that my back hits the stairs instead of her. I wince as I get up and continue to make my way towards my room.

I'm about to put her on my bed when a thought pops into my head: What if she wakes up and thinks I'm a kidnapping pervert?! I take her back downstairs, without tripping this time, and I'm about to reach the living room when I see Niall munching away in the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" I ask. That was a dumb question, he's obviously eating.

"What am I doing? What are YOU doing? And who on earth is she?" He replies, pointing at her with a face full of ice cream.

Adrenaline wares off and my arms finally catch up to the weight that is in them, starting to feel really heavy. "Come talk to me in the living room, I need to put her down".

Niall follow me into the living room, tub of ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other. I set her down on the couch gently. She looks so peaceful, yet troubled. Niall's voice breaks my thought.

"So why is she here? Why is she unconscious? Why-"

I cut him off. "Let me explain".

I was going to explain to him what had happened, but I didn't get the chance, as our attention was now on Liam, who had just walked into the room, rubbing his eyes.

"Do you even know what time it is?" Liam grouches, still eye rubbing.

He removes his hands from his face then looks at the girl, then looks at Niall, who shrugs and points to me.

"ZAYN HAS A GIRLFRIEND?!" Liam practically yells to the whole neighborhood.

"Liam hush, you'll wake-" I began to say, but this time I am the one interrupted.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Harry and Louis scream as they burst through the door, Harry with a putter and Louis with a baseball bat. Louis remains still, bat over shoulder, as if ready to swing, but Harry lowers his weapon and looks at the situation. His eyes dart to Louis, then Liam, then Niall, who points to the girl and me. Harry stares deep into my eyes and says:

"So Zayn, you finally got a girlfriend?" I don't even know how to respond to that.

"Is it even alright for us to be joking about this, Zayn? Honestly, what is even going on?" Liam says, and suddenly all eyes are on me, except for Louis.

"Well someone's awfully serious. We should be celebrating" Louis states, leaving me very confused.

"Celebrating what?" I say as they all stare at each other and then at me.

"YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND!" They all cheer at once, even Niall, who yelled with a mouth full of what was once ice cream.

"Listen guys, she's not my girlfriend" I say, and all the smiles that were once in the room, immediately fade, except for Louis. Again.

"I knew she was too good for you" Louis jokes and Harry busts out laughing. They high-five. Thanks guys. Feeling the love.

"Then who exactly is she?" Liam asks. Everyone's attention is now on me.

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