Truth or dare

I invite some teachers , friends and enemies to play truth
or dare with me in the room of requirements....
See what happens.


1. friends and enemies alike

   I wandered around Hogwarts till I got to the picture of Barry the troll on the third floor. I passed the painting three times requiring a small huddle of teachers, enemies and friends. Quite simply I entered the room of requirements . As I entered I could be seen in a basement bearing a small group of teacher s  enemies and friends alike . 

I introduced myself to the gaping creatures. "You will come here every day for not truths and dares ".

"Oh no " cried Hermione and some other Gryffindors.

"Its not like you need to spy on the weasly twins all day is it?" Angelina and Parvati blushed a deep shade of crimson red."So let's get started" I randomly said braking the silence .

"The first truth is from myself how old are you Dumbledore ?  Tortoise ,wake up ."I said trying to wake up the elderly man...











What do you think just put # how old you think he is

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