Texting A Stranger

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Next Morning*
The alarm goes off and I get out of bed. I go and feed Colin and Dusty then start breakfast for me and Marcel. After the food is done I go wake up Marcel. Babe get up. It’s time to eat. I say. He grumbles and sits up on the bed. Good morning my princess. He smiles. Morning baby. I smile back. Colin runs in the room and jumps on the bed and licks Marcel up the side of his face. Ew Colin that was gross. Marcel pouts. Hahah. I giggle. Not funny babe. He says. You’re right it’s hilarious. I giggle. Babe. He says and pulls me down on his lap. Come on babe. We need to go eat before the food gets cold. I say. What did you make princess? He asks me. Gravy and hash browns. I smile. Oh that sounds super lovely. He smiles. It will be. I smile and stand up. We walk into the kitchen and sit down. Marcel stands and makes himself a cup of tea as I sit and eat. I sit and admire his beauty. He’s so perfect and honestly I don’t think he gets it. I love him so much.

Princess what are you staring at? He asks. Just admiring your perfection. I say with a blush. Oh princess I’m not the perfection that is you. He says. Never. I say. A knock comes from the front door. I’ll get it baby girl. He says with a smile. Alright. I nod. He vanishes to the door and I hear some talking and laughing. When he returns there is a beautiful boy next to him then I realize it must be Harry. Hi you must be Harry. I smile. I am and you’re Alexa. He smiles. I am. I say with a smile. Harry would you like some breakfast? Marcel asks. No Marce I’m fine I ate on the way here. Harry says with a smile. Well I’m going to finish eating and then we can catch up. Marcel says. Harry nods and sits in a chair. Man I’ve missed you Marce. Harry says. Missed you Haz. Marcel says while eating.  While we eat we have small conversations. So Harry what’s it like being in a band? I ask. It’s cool. I miss my family the most really. I’ve really missed mum and Marce. He says. Oh. I reply simply. So Marcel when did you last see dad? Harry asks Marcel.

Christmas Harold. Marcel growls.  Oh Marc leave dad alone. He is a good man. Harry says. Don’t talk about my sperm donor like he is a God. Marcel replies. Damn it Marcel don’t talk about him like that! He tried to be there for us! It was mum who keep him from us! Harry yells. Marcel jumps across the table onto Harry. DON’T FUCKING TALK ABOUT MUM! He yells going to hit Harry. Harry flips them over holding Marcel. Well why don’t you ask mum the real reason she and dad got a divorce. He yells in Marcel’s face. STOP IT! I yell. They both look at me and Harry gets off Marcel. I help him up and make him sit. You two need to fucking stop. I say. He doesn’t fucking talk about my mum. Marcel growls. Give it up Marcel no one is scared of you. Harry says. Shut the fuck up. Marcel yells. Call mum and ask her! Harry yells. Dad was a fucking drunkard and that’s why mum got a divorce. Marcel says. Our fucking mum was a slut. After she had us she cheated on dad with Robin and that is why they got a divorce and that is why dad started drinking. Harry yells.

Marcel breaks down crying. That’s enough. Get lost Harry. I say. No. Harry says. I hold Marcel close and kiss his head. Shh baby boy its ok I promise. Your mum isn’t a slut. She is a lovely wonderful woman and she is so beautiful. I say. I know. He sniffles. Marcel we are going to fix you over and make you a tougher bad ass. Do you understand?  Harry says.  Yeah I guess. Marcel says.  Good now get up. Harry says. Marcel stands and Harry drags him upstairs. Get dressed we are leaving soon. Harry says. What do I do? I ask. You stay here. Harry says. Oh okay. I say. I finish eating and begin washing dishes. They leave and I am left at home to do nothing. I clean the already clean house and take a shower. I take a small nap.

*Shopping with Marcel & Harry*
No Harry I don’t like that. I wine as he holds up a band tee that I have no clue who they are. Too bad Marcel we are getting it and you will wear it. Harry says. I sigh. I hated shopping with him. After he got a few shirts we move on to the jeans. Here Marce try these on. He says handing me ten pairs of black skinny jeans. Ew no. Harold these are way too tight. I complain. Marcel you will try them on. Harry demands. I try them on and Harry decides to get them for me. We leave H&M and head to the shoe store. No more ugly loafers. Harry said. But I like these. I complain. Nope. He says. He drags me to the All-Star converse shoes and I whine. Noooo Harry. I complain. Yes Marcel. It’s time for change. He says. Ugh. I don’t want to change I like my look. I complain. Well Marcel you aren’t in middle school so now its time for a change. He says. Fuck. I mumble. Exactly. He says. He grabs some different convers and then he drags me to the boots. He grabs a few pair of boots and he goes to pay. Next we need to get you some Ray-Ban. He says.

He buys a few pair of sunglasses and we finally leave. We finally arrive back to my place. I put my new things up and find Alexa asleep on the bed. I smile and kiss her head walking back to the front room.  Take a seat we need to talk about mum and dad. Harry says. Fine. I sigh and sit down. After mum found out she was pregnant with us her and dad began fighting. Dad had found out mum had began seeing a new man while she was pregnant. Dad became angry and started drinking as mum kept seeing Robin. Soon after mum gave birth to us her relationship with Robin grew. She would go see him on the weekends and dad was left to care for us on his own. When we turned 5 is when dad put an end to it and filed for divorce. Finally mum and Robin got together and dad and Gemma moved off. It was never dad’s fault Marcel. Harry says. I can’t believe mum would do that. Well actually I do. She loves Robin. I say.  So you’re not angry at mum or dad now? He asks. No I’m not. I completely understand. I say.
Question #4
What was your reaction to finding out Harry was there and how do you feel about Anne and Robin’s secrets?
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