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2. sex

"My names niall btw" he says and I smile, "oh cool my names Kirsty" I smile and he smirks. "What" I ask and he smirks again. "I know" he says smirking. I shrug and he wraps an arm around my waste as we walk. He moves it down my back until it's on my butt. "erm what are you doing" I say an he looks angry. "Your mine" he growls and suddenly I'm pushed against a wall and he kisses me aggressively. When we pull away for air he smirks, "come on" he says and we walk, soon coming to his car. "Where are we going" I ask as he opens my car door for me. "Somewhere" he smirks and slaps my ass as I get in. "Ow" I say rubbing my sore ass, that hurt. He walks around the car climbing in on his side and starts to drive, "where are we going" I ask again and he tells me this time. "To your house" he says, "how do you know where I live" I ask and he smirks again not telling me. We drive as soon park outside my house, "why are we here" I ask. "Because I want to see your house" he says and I nod as he walks over holding my hand. We walk in the house and I hear my mum. Shit I forgot she was here. "Kirsty darling" she calls and walks in. she looks to niall surprised. "Who's this" she asks, "hi I'm niall Kirsty's boyfriend" Niall says shaking her hand smiling. I'm about to tell her he is not but she speaks first. "Oh it's nice to meet you Kirsty never told me about you" she smiles. "Well I'm going shopping bye" she says and leaves. "Why did you tell her your my boyfriend I jut met you" I say and he looks angry. "Your mine" he shouts and suddenly he kisses roughly pushing me against the wall and puts a hand down my jeans and fingers me. I moan and he lifts me up. I wrap my legs around him and he walks up the stairs and into my room still fingering me. He takes his fingers out and takes off my top and bra sucking my boob. He suddenly drops me onto the bed and takes off his top jeans and boxers. I stare at his dick, it's huge. Suddenly he shoved his dick down my throat and moans. I begin to suck and stroke it until he cums all in my mouth. He removed his cock from my mouth and takes off my jeans and undies. I put a condom on him and immediately and puts his dick in me rocking back and forwards. I scream and soon we Both cum. He lays beside me As we both pant, "I'm going to have a shower" I say and he nods. I walk in the bathroom and get in the shower, I shampoo and conditioner my hair and suddenly I feel two arms wrap around me from behind. I gasp as niall suddenly turns me around pushing me against the wall and slams into me. I gasp moaning and scream out his name. After we both cum again he pulls out and I get out of the shower. I dry myself and put on a cute summer dress. Niall walks out in inly a towel and I can't help bit sate at his six packs. He's so hot. He walks up to me and grabs my waste kissing me harshly, it gets heated up and he drops his towel suddenly. He lifts up my dress and pulls down my undies putting his dick inside of me again "niall" I gasp, this is the third time. He slams into me until we both cum and he takes his dick out. He pulls my undies back up kissing my clit before and I moan. He puts my dress back down and puts on his boxers. "I have to go but i'll see you tomorrow beautiful" he said and kisses me roughly, "for our date. He smirks and kisses me again. He puts on his clothes and leaves. I gasp and lay on my bed. I had sex 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!! With him!!!!!!! I sleep and the next morning go to work then when I get home shower for my date. I look at all my dresses and decide on a thigh high small black dress. It looks sexy and I smile happy. I can't wait to see niall again.

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