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1. Niall

"£2.56" I say handing the lady the coffee. Hi my names Kirsty Baker, I work at the local Starbucks and have a little sister and live with my mum. My dad was murdered when I was little so I never got to meet him. My sister buffy has a different dad to me Craig he's ok I quite like him. Anyway I'm in the middle of a shift so Byeeeeeeeeeeee. Suddenly I see a really attractive boy with blonde hair blue eyes and a six pack I can see through his shirt walks in. I can't help but bite my lip. He's fucking hot. He walks over with a smirk on his lips. "Hey" he says smirking, "hi" I say shyly. He smirks again and leans over the counter slightly. "2 coffees please and we're going on a date tomorrow night" he said suddenly. I look at him confused but nod, "erm ok" he grins as I walk away making his coffee and I can almost feel his eyes burning against my butt which makes me blush. As I bring them over he takes them and grabs me. "Come on lets go and drink these" he says and pulls me out the door. "Where are we going" I ask as he wraps an arm Around my waist, sliding it down onto my butt. "Erm" I say looking up into his eyes. "What babe" he asks giving my bum a squeeze. I gasp and he lets out a growl, "your mine" he says and suddenly I'm against a wall and he's kissing me. I kiss him back wrapping my arms around his neck as we pull away for air he smirks. "Come on" he say ands hand me my coffee. "Thanks" I smile happily.

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