You're Mine - Harry Styles Love Story



3. Two

The bell rung and I made it obvious I did not want to be in that classroom anymore as I rushed out into the hallways. I had a spare next then lunch, so I had over two hours to kill before I had to be back for math. I went to my locker, put my bag in it and closed it.

I had my keys in one hand and my wallet in the other as I made my way to the parking lot. My new sports car stood out from the others. It was painted dark silver and the windows were tinted so you couldn't see inside. Louis picked it out for some reason, but I liked it. Not many cars in the school parking lot were very nice looking. Most were probably bought second hand. The only other nice cars were the ones parked in the teacher's parking spaces, a couple sports cars and a black range rover beside my own car.

As I went to get in my car I noticed the same punks who were in my history class, along with three others who looked similar to them, cornering an innocent looking boy dressed in a button up plaid shirt. His hair was short and brown and his brown eyes were wide with fear. You could sense he wasn't the most popular kid.

If there's one thing I can't tolerate though, it's bullying. I ditched my wallet in my car and clung onto my keys as I stormed over to where the punks now held the boy against the wall. The boy kept a fearless face as he glared at the punks.

"Put him down, now!" I yelled as threatening as possible for a 5'5 girl. The punks looked over at me and smirked. They set the boy down and walked towards me. Max twirled a strand of my hair between his grimy fingers and smirked down at me. I kept my features emotionless and hard even though my heart was pounding nervously.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't little Tommo. To what do I owe this pleasure?" He asked. I slapped his hand away from my face and growled at him.

"Keep your filthy hands to yourself." I snarled, spitting in his face. He looked down at me shaking his head and wiped my saliva from his skin.

"You really shouldn't have done that." He said and then pushed me roughly against the brick wall. I cursed in pain as my back collided with the wall. Before he even got the chance to smirk, I punched him square in the jaw as hard as I could and then kneed him in the crotch sending him doubling over pain.

The other four boys approached me and I saw the boy in the plaid shirt run off. Great, I save him from getting his ass kicked and he leaves me here to defend myself against five punks.

I had managed to send three more of them to the ground moaning in pain before the last one pinned me up against the wall, smashing my head against it. Pain coursed through my body as he continued to hold me up against the wall.

He went to hit me but was torn off me and sent to the ground. I slid down the wall, bringing my knees up to my chest as I watched Harry from my first period class knock the punk out. The boy in the plaid shirt was at my side at once. He must have known to go get Harry.

Although I was in tremendous pain, I didn't dare shed a tear. The punks didn't deserve my tears and the pain was nothing I couldn't handle. I've always been a tough girl.

"Oh god, are you okay? Thanks for stopping them from beating me." The boy asked worried.

I nodded stretching my legs out in front of me. "I'm fine, don't worry. It's no big deal."

"Liam. Go back to class; I'll take care of her from here. Here, give my keys to Niall and tell him to take my range rover home." Harry ordered tossing Liam his keys. Liam caught them and immediately stood up thanking me once again before walking back into the school. So the range rover was Harry's. I wasn't that surprised. He did seem a little more... Posh... Than the other kids.

"Thanks Harry." I said hoisting myself off the ground. I instinctively reached for the back of my head and felt my hair now damp with blood. I wiped my hand off on the grass and groaned in annoyance.

"No biggy. You know I'm pretty surprised you were able to knock four of them out on your own. But being Louis' sister, I should've known you'd be a natural fighter." He said chuckling. I rolled my eyes, again with the 'Louis sister reference.'

"How do you know Louis?" I asked walking towards my car, leaving the five punks on the ground. He shrugged.

"Lou's a good friend of mine. But everyone knows his name around here. I guess you could say he's kind of famous at our school. Pass me your keys. I'll take you home." He said kindly. His once flirty tone now disappeared. Come to think of it, ever since he found out I was Louis' sister. He stopped making inappropriate comments towards me. I tossed him my keys and walked up to my car. Harry let out a low whistle admiring my car. "Nice wheels." He complemented.

The ride home was mostly silent. Harry called Louis and told him to meet us at the house but other than that we just listened to the radio. Harry would sing along to the songs he knew. His voice was actually amazing. I admired him as he drove. I know he noticed but I didn't bother looking away, he was too captivating.

Harry's P.O.V.

Samantha sat cross-legged on her bathroom counter facing the mirror, holding an ice pack against her neck and I stood directly behind her dabbing a damp cloth to the back of her head gently. The cut on her head wasn't that deep and since she had long hair it would be too difficult to bandage so we just had to wait for the bleeding to stop. I think it was obvious she wouldn't be going back to school.

We were the only ones in her house. Her dad was at work and Louis called and said he wouldn't be able to be home for a couple hours and asked for me to basically babysit Samantha. Which I didn't really mind. It was nice being alone with her. Unlike most girls at school she didn't fling herself at me, she was beautiful and easy for me to talk to.

"Harry?" Her innocent voice called out breaking me from my thoughts. I look at her through the mirror.


"Why is Louis considered famous at our school? I mean he graduated two years ago."

"I think the bleeding stopped." I stated ignoring her question and trying to change topics. I rinsed the blood out in the sink and hung up the towel then dried my hands off.

Samantha spun around on the counter so her legs were dangling on the edge. She grabbed my hands and pulled me towards her until I was standing between her legs looking down at her. My heart raced and I felt tingles where she held me. Oh no, this can't be happening. Last time I got close with a girl was almost two years ago and I only ended up putting her in danger. I may be the popular jock inside school, but outside of school... Well let's just say I wasn't quite as popular and definitely not someone you should hang around.

"Harry." She warned looking at me. I met her blue eyes, similar to Louis' and felt as if I was under her spell. I sighed and she smiled knowing she had gotten her way.

"Go get changed and we'll talk about it." I said placing a gentle kiss to her forehead. Her cheeks reddened under my touch and I smiled to myself. I placed my hands on her waist and lifted her down from the counter. I watched her make her way out of the bathroom. I was starting to develop a crush on my best friend's sister.

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