Boys VS. Girls

Being Louis Tomlinson's sister isn't easy. Especially when he has four other ot teenage friends. And when your brother shares one of your most valued secrets.


1. Shutup!

 "Louis, what the fuck is wrong with you?" I screamed from the top of the stairs. His fucktard friends were over and as usual, pranking me. I could hear muffled luaging from the downstairs livingroom and then lou cackaling. "Sucker! You fell for it!" Louis yelled as I wiped the toothpaste out of my hair. I was going to take a shower until I found out they put toothpaste in my shampoo. I stormed down the stairs. Everything got quite. I looked around and saw no soul around. "Surprise!" they all yelled at the same time and threw a bucket of ice water at me. "Fuck you all!" and I ran off.

 Later, as I was sitting on the couch reading my book. I saw Louis and Harry running down the stairs with the rest of the oafs fowllowing behind. "Oh, hey Mrs. Ellen Sanders, is Mr. Kyle Sanders home yet?" Louis asks as my eyes widden. OH SHIT! My diary! They start luaghing their asses of. "Louis, why the hell would you do that!" I screamed at him."That's my third grade diary and anyways, I don't even like him anymore. He's a dickwod, like all of you." Louis smirked waiting for me to bite back. "And I hear you at night talking about marrying Eleanor." I said his face turning red. " Well at least I've lost my virginity!" he said smirking. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I pushed past them and ran up the stairs to my room.

 Louis knocked on my door. "Listen I-" I cut him off. "Shut the hell up and go away!" I yelled throug h the door as I sobbed. Why the hell would e do tis to me. I men, I know we are brother and sister and we are always fighting but I never thought he'd do that to me.

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