The supernatural five

Far away deep in the land of mytharica there was a small school where the fairys mermaids vampires werewolves and magical elemental elves go to learn their abilitys and get tested to see which part of the school they claim. But one day there was a regular human named nya norman. One day Nya was shopping with her best friend Clairabell the fairy daughter of tinker bell and found the secret portal of magica outside the food court! Clairabell was so exited to bring Nya into the land to show her her family and around mytharica. Nya has to blend in as a supernatural to fit in and really does have the real life dream she was expecting all along.


2. There's something here! Better check it out!

Nya and clairabell look at all the stores and displays and they both decide to eat then go see a movie! So they go to the food court and eat salads and drink Starbucks together, they go and sit out side in the sun and Nya checks what time it is " oh no it's 7:00! My tutors coming at 9:00! " Nya worries " no need to worry Nya! I can freeze time it's all gonna be alright!" Claira  says and Nya stops worrying. " woah look! A rainbow! A triple rainbow! I don't see those often! " Nya says but she looks down in sadness " but you probably see them ALL the time Claira!" Nya says sort of angrily " calm down I'll show you where you can see lots of things you've never seen c mon!" Claira says grabs Nya's hand and pulls her along into the triple rainbow. And they arrive at the land of mythica where all the supernaturals go! " whoa "Nya screams " your one of us too! Your the daughter of repunzell!" Claira says " your the princess!" "ME?" Nya says " ALL HALE PRINCESS NYA DAUGHTER OF REPUNZELLS DAUGHTER AND OUR KIND AND RESPECTFULL QUEEN" every one in the land cheers! and Nya smiles and curtesys.


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