Swimming Lessons

Well, Melany, it's time ...

You have to go in there now...

I'm pushing the door...

And ... Seriously ???


1. Chapter 1 : The Pool

Chapter 1 : The Pool


OMG !!! Why am I doing that ?? Oh yes !! Cause my mom decided that it will be safer if I know how to swim at 18 ... Seriously ??!!

I mean who cares about me knowing how to swim (except my mom) ?? I don't like beaches anyway ...

"Darling, it's okay. You don't have to be ashamed about those swimming lessons..."

"Yeah !! You're right !! I'm gonna learn how to swim with 5 years old kids but you're right ! This is fine, no problem and no shame of course !!"

"Sweetie, please ?? Do it for me ..."

"Okay ..."

"And there's gonna be a boy with you, and he's 20 I think... See, there's worst than you..."

Mom !!!!!! There's gonna be a boy with me ???!!! And you're telling me that he's twenty ??!!!! She's kiding, right ?!!!! Oh My God !! I can see the pool while I'm walking... Why did I say yes ?!!! I can already tell that is going to be the most akward moment of my life ...


I'm in my swimming suit... Never seen something as horrible as that thing... My mom just leaves the pool (and me by the way), she doesn't want to be here... Yes ! I kicked her out cause I don't want her to be here !! Why ?? Isn't it obvious ??

Well, Melany (that's my name) it's time ... You have to go in there now ... (Yeah, I'm talking to myself...) I'm actually pushing this *** door (if you know what I mean) and ..... Seriously ???


Tell me if you liked it !! Shall I continue ?? Or not ??

XOXO. Boys 😘

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