Onaya's little artbook

It's my artbook :)


25. Semi Realistic stuff

Hey guys, long time no see! Well Here is a new chapter with all my semi-realistic sketches - enjoy them. Most are a remake from a drawing I drew in september 2011 :3


What you see above is a sketch of my thirth oldest OC Yukemaru. Still remember his name - funny enough for I drew him last time in september 2011...


And his brother Yumaru.... Not much to say actually!


Followed by their human friend... I haven't named actually. Maybe some of you guys can helt me find a name to him?


Don't hate me. I love Yaoi actually. This is a request maked by my friend Mie (MA Hald) with two of her characters from one of her movellas (two to christmas) Lucifer Sorrow and William (Baxter? I want to call him Baxter xD)

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