The Last Boy Scouts

My sequel to the 1991 action movie The Last Boy Scout.

10 years after starting their private detective partnership Joe Hallenbeck and Jimmy Dix are about to end it as Jimmy and his wife who is expecting their new baby are about to move to New York.

Joe and Jimmy have one last case to work together a simple track and trace on a junkie who jumped bail. As usual for Joe and Jimmy, the case is nowhere near as straightforward as it first appears.

Author's note

Warning this story has a Yellow rating due to the levels of bad language, it is littered with swear words particularly the F word. If you find it and can read it, you have been WARNED.

Still, even with all the swearing I might have to change the rating to red once we get to the action scenes, if I write it in keeping with the tone of the film it could be quite violent.

If you are able to read on I hope you enjoy it.

3. Where We Where Then and Where We Are Now

Joe 1991
Joe woke up in his car parked outside his office as three local kids tried a couple of things to rouse the sleeping drunk. He’d driven back from Las Vegas having tracing a bail jumper then having a few drinks and blowing money gambling.


Sure he was parked close to his office but once he came to a stop he was too wasted to bother trying to get out and walk the short distance to the of


Going inside he intercepted a call that had just gone to his answering machine.


That call led to the case that would change his life for the better, with a few bumps along the way, some death a little torture and framed for murder.


You know the usual.


Well usual for former Secret Service Agent turned Private Detective Joe Hallenbeck.


Ten Years Later 
Joe woke up, his eyes still heavy his vision still blurry for those first few minutes while he properly came around.


When he had blinked and rubbed his eyes until he could open them fully and look at his surroundings he realised he was in a dingy apartment.


He looked at the digital alarm clock not surprised to see it was 1:15 in the afternoon. Nor was he shocked to find that once again he had passed out on the couch in the living room, not having made it to the bedroom after coming here  last night where he came in sat down on the couch then opened the bottle of scotch he bought from the convenience store below the apartment.


The place was very different from the home he once shared with his wife Sarah, but since they sold that place during the divorce, he could no longer go there to sleep off another hangover.


He no longer worked out of that office he had back when he operated on his own before meeting Jimmy so couldn’t use the pull out bed he frequently slept in back then either.


This place wasn’t his home he had been able to afford buying a new one bedroom apartment after the sale but he had been ending up here in the place he and Jimmy sometimes used as a safe house to stash clients while they investigated their case rather than go back to his real home.


As odd as it seemed even to him, going to that apartment, getting in cooking something for dinner maybe watching television or listening to music then going to bed offered a constant reminder that he was a divorced man. One who had not dated in a while despite Jimmy’s wife Ria trying to play match maker setting him up with some of her lawyer friends, a couple of cops and a nurse, but for various reasons none of them lasted long.


Crashing in the safe house that Han owner of the convenience store underneath, who once hired them for a case let them use. They’d stashed a mob hit witness there, a woman running from a violent ex boyfriend, a few sex workers trying to escape their pimps and a couple of small time crooks looking to avoid former associates until they left town.


Joe never thought he’d be stashing himself there.


Staying there, he didn’t have to deal with how empty his actual home felt. He lived alone sure Jimmy and Ria would invite themselves over from time to time and they’d have fun, but once they went home it was back to being just a place to crash.


Sarah had never been there so he couldn’t imagine her wandering through the place so he couldn’t pretend they were still together.


His daughter Darian had visited a few times after returning to Los Angeles but not for months since the argument, they had about the current state of her life.


Better he felt to grab takeout from some restaurant, reheat it in the microwave then wash it down with scotch.


Either polishing off a started bottle or opening a brand new one and make believe he was just here working and could go home back to the home he and Sarah had lived in for so many years once the job was done.


Rather than face the fact that Sarah was now engaged and would soon be married to someone else.


Jimmy 1991
Jimmy woke up in bed at the home of a former LA Stallions NFL teammate.


There was a young white woman in the bed with him, a woman who wasn’t his then girlfriend Cory and whose name he didn’t know.


He realised he had gotten high and he’d cheated on her. He left in a bad mood made worse when a confrontation with a current player ended with him throwing a ball at the guy breaking his nose. 


Jimmy’s luck day would only get worse before it got better, as with Joe there would be a few bumps along the way.


Including a murdered lover, getting beat up, shot at, high speed car chases and getting shot but his life would untimely get better, all because through the case he inserted himself in he’d meet Joe.


Ten years later 
Jimmy Dix woke up on top of the bed not under the covers, that was because he had already gotten up, got dressed had breakfast he been laying down again holding his three year old daughter as she slept again having been woken up by little Jade at 5:30 am.


Ria his wife pregnant with their second kid had been awake already as she was finding it harder to get to sleep in the first place.


Laying on her back was uncomfortable, laying on her side even worse, just about the only position she could doze off was standing up, but then she would always wake herself worried she’d fall over if she fell into a proper deep sleep state.


Still Jimmy left Ria half slouched against the headboard of the bed while he went to try putting the fussing infant back to sleep even if only for another hour.


Jimmy brought her into their bedroom as it always seemed to help soothe her and he fell asleep with her resting on his chest her head nestled just under his chin.


Jade waking again roused Jimmy and he looked over to see Ria smiling as she’d been half sitting half laying down her back propped up by several pillows.


"Glad some of us could get a little shut eye."


"Oh baby I’m sorry did I doze off."


"Yep, there I was having a conversation with you or so I thought till I look over to see you looking so peaceful all I wanted to do was slap you upside your head."


"I’m sorry baby course I don’t actually want to smack you I’m just tired and cranky and goddamn it everything hurts."


"Sorry, but when she settled just looking at her little face it made me sleepy, honestly though I don’t remember nodding off."


"What were we talking about before I drifted off?"


"What else, Joe baby you got to tell him you’re, we’re leaving."


"I know, I know it’s just never the right time first there was the latest fallout between him and Darian which made him grumpy, then the news Sarah is re-marrying and that has sent him into a spiral I haven’t seen in him since I met him."


"He’s not angry; I’ve seen that usually getting into a gunfight a fist fight or car chase on a case will perk him right up pulling him out of the funk he’s in."


"This is different he’s sad and he is not dealing with the fact she’s moved on with her life and he needs to, but he’s just sour all the time."


"He hasn’t had so much as a snappy come back to somethin’ I’d said in weeks hell we could have got into a car chase just the other day and he pulled over and let the other guys get away."


"It’s crazy if moderate to extreme violence doesn’t do it for him right now I can’t imagine what will bring the old Joe out again."


"I get it sweetie but what is the alternative you just don’t show up at the office one day and phone him from New York to tell him you aren't coming back."


"No babe, of course not, I just need to find the right moment to break it to him."


"Well hurry up coz time’s running out you know, we’re meant to be in the new house on September 1st and then I officially start my new job on the seventh."


"Then you’re still on maternity leave for four months after that."


"Yes true, I don’t start full time until January 2002, but it would be a good idea if Joe knew some time before that.


"Yeah, he will, I promise."


"Do it today will you please?" "It’s gonna sting no matter where or when you do it, so the time to drop it into conversation is now; today."


"Okay, I will try I swear, but I ain’t making no promises. I gotta see what kind mood he’s in."


"Fine, but please get it done, the sooner the better."


That conversation between Jimmy and Ria happened March 21st.

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