He Saved Me


1. Beginning

Hi I'm Skylar. I'm 18 going on 19 August 4th. My

Best friend Is Rebecca. We both LOVE 5Seconds Of Summer. My Dream job is to work In the WWE. I Have A Brother Garrett. And A Stepbrother Harry.... Yes Harry Styles Of One Direction. Anyways... Let the story begin..

"Skylar you wanna go to the mall with me?" Becca asked inviting herself in my house without knocking. "You know there's a thing called a door bell right ? And sure." I Said. "Mom I'm going to the mall with Rebecca." I called walking


~At The Mall~

"Let's go into Tilly's!" I said excited running into Tilly's. Becca followed not to far behind. "Is this cute?" She asked trying on a galaxy SnapBack. "It's alright." I said. "I'm gonna look at... Oh My God!!" She yelled. "Wh.... OMG!! It's 5SOS" I Screamed. "That's us" Calum Said looking down upon me because of my shortness. "Their Soo much hotter in person!!" I blurted out not thinking. They all laughed. "You're not to bad yourself" Michael said winking at me. Luke punched his arm and mumbled something.

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