Kissing the Worker (Louis Tomlinson fanfic or Elounor fanfic)

Have you ever found that true love? That true love that is hiding in a kiss? A kiss while you can't see? Trying to find out what happens. -- Gorgeous Cover made by my best friend maude or like she said: mybestfriendisapengiun_xX


26. Chapter 25

'Eleanor...' Louis woke me up with whispering. He had Louise in his arms. I opened my eyes and saw them. I smiled. 'Mommy's awake!' Louis said in a childish tone to Louise and laid on my chest. 'Sorry Eleanor but I have to go to the toilet, you have to take care of her for five minutes.' He said. 'Doesn't matter, it's my daughter too.' I laughed. He smiled and ran to the bathroom. I shook my head. I got the crazy Louis back. 'Hey Louise!' I said to my daughter and laid her in my arms. 

I gave her little kiss and before I knew I saw Louis appearing again. 'Hey I want some kisses too.' He said. 'It doesn't mean that we're laying in the same bed that I have to give you kisses too. Louise is my daughter.' I teased him a bit. 'I want a kiss from the wonderful Eleanor Calder!' He whined. 'Baby Louis!' I said and pinched in his cheek.  He did like he liked that pinching thing but actually he didn't. I quickly gave him a kiss on his cheek. 'Here's your kiss then.' I said. 'I said I want one on my mouth.' He whined again. 

'Louise doesn't whine and is a baby, you're an adult and you whine.' I laughed. He made a sad face. 'Lou...' I sighted. He pouted his lips and gave me a quick a kiss on my mouth before I could push him away. 'That's what I wanted!' He answered on the kiss he gave. I giggled a bit. Louis stood up and put some clothes on. I picked Louise up and brought her to her room. I chose some clothes for her and put her some clothes on instead of her PJ's. I changed her diaper and went with a washing cloth with a little bit water on it over her cute face and her belly. She made a few sounds. 

When I was ready I saw Louis standing in the hallway looking at me how I did it with Louise. I put Louise in his arms. 'If you can, can you feed her while I put some clothes on, when I'm done, I'll do it.' I said him. He nodded and gave me a kiss. I still like the kisses he gave me. 

I blushed and put my clothes on and did my habits in the bathroom like combing my hair, parfume, make up,.... When I came out the bathroom I walked to the kitchen where I saw Louis giving our little daughter her bottle. I gave him a kiss on his forehead. 'Good work daddy!' I laughed. He smiled.

After Louises bottle he gave her to me. He got a phonecall from his mom. I heard her things saying like: 'yeah they're both here' and 'don't worry mom I'll take care of them.' After minutes long he closed the conversation. 'Mom wants to come today. Wants to see you again and of course our little one.' He smiled and stroked Louises cheek.' He explained.

I was stressed out, what if she doesn't like me anymore because I walked away because Louis had the wrong decision before we had Louise? The thoughts were there again and I think Louis could still read my mind. He took me in his arms while I had Louise in my arms. 'Hey, my mom doesn't hate you. She was mad at me that I let you go that I chose for abortion before we had Louise. So it's not your fault it's mine.' He said and planted a kiss on my hair.

I know why I had choosen for Louis. Still the same and always there for me. 'When does she come?' I asked Louis. 'This afternoon, after her lunch, she would immediately step into her car.' He smiled. Yeah London and Doncaster, still a certain distance... 

I was stressed out when Louis got the message that she's driving to London. 'Come on El.' Louis put me in his arms and tried to calm me down while Louise was sleeping again. He put some kisses around my neck. 'Hey, my mom wants the best for us and she will propose you something great.' He winked and put me in the couch. 

The doorbell rang and Louis stood up to open the door. 'Mom' I heard him saying. 'Son. Oh my god, you look like a good father.' She laughed. 'Where is Eleanor? And my grandchild?' She asked curiously.' Eleanor is in the living room. Louise is sleeping upstairs.' He answered and I heard his footsteps coming into the living room. 'Mom, here's Eleanor.' He said. Johannah walked to me and hugged me thightly. 'I missed you so much Eleanor. You make Louis happy. And he has finally responsibility thanks to you.' She whispered in my ear. I smiled a bit. 

We sat down on the couch together, me and Louis and his mom sat in front of us. 'Well... I'm not here without a good reason.' Johannah started with her long conversation. 'You have Louis back thanks that I talked to him that he had to choose for you and Louise instead of being selfish.' She took a breath. I nodded and listened carefully. 'I could convince him with a few reasons, so maybe I could propose them to you too.' She laid her hands on her legs.

'This looks serious.' I said. 'It is, my dear, it is. I said to Louis this when he got the reason of the abortion that you couldn't finish college and that he couldn't do his carreer with one direction. But I proposed to help you both. Felicite and Daisy has found both a school in London for their studies so we decided to get here a house so if you need some help for the baby I'll be there. If you don't accept my help of that, I could arrange someone who could help you with lessons so you don't have to go to college and that woman can come whenever you want to help you. She can come to your house or to somewhere else.' She said and write the number of the woman.

Then she gave it to me. 'Thanks Johannah. You're a wonderful mom.' I stood up and went to her to hug her thightly. 'And about Louis...' She continued. 'He has his carreer , but if he goes a few days or weeks away with one direction, he could skype with you and he arranged that you and Louise could go sometimes with him or that you could visit him some days.' She smiled. I looked at Louis and a tear slipped away from my eye. I held him thightly in my arms. 

'Hey, I promised that everything will be okay, so it will be okay.' He said. I cried of hapiness.' Thank you both.' I said while crying. Louis stroked my back. 'And I'll help you with what I can. Within a month, I'll live here in London, and Louis will be free until I moved here in London.' She explained. I nodded. 'Maybe you can buy the house next to ours? I saw there something that they sell the house.' I said to her. 'Louis would look for that. I thought he had done that yesterday.' Louis nodded when his mom said that. 

'Can I sleep this night here? I can't go back today, it will be too late and your sisters promised to take care of the twins so I don't have to be at home today. They knew it could go like this.' Johannah said. I came to her. 'Of course you can.' I said. Louis agreed with me. 

I was happy that Johannah was here with solutions. Solutions which made us happy again.

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