Short Spy story...used to be Fallen Angel story...changed my mind...again...sorry guys!

Lucy Havenchild's life in New York has just ended. After signing a legal document stating that she can now move into her now-deceased birth parents home, she is on the next plane out of here and ready to begin her new life in London. But as soon as she arrives, a mysterious face from her past comes out of hiding....After going rouge since she was fifteen Lucy has had it tough....She completed missions that have been impossible, life-threatening and have caused her to make serious sacrifices, but this one man just is not prepared to let her go....because Lucy has done some terrible things in the past....things that haven't go unnoticed.....


6. Chapter Six

After all this time no one knew the truth but me. My name was not in fact Lucy Havenchild. She was murdered a long time ago. I picked up her identity when I had to go into hiding earlier last year, but that’s the truth. I murdered her. Chauncey was the one who eventually figured it out. And I had no choice but to kill him. It’s the way life goes for us spies. We’re fighters. It’s a ‘once you’re in it, you never leave’ sort of thing, and that’s why being one is such a huge risk. My parents were murdered by Alex. I was meant to spy for him and in return he would give me my life back. I would enrol in a normal school, listen to music like a normal seventeen year old, but I was too naïve for that. I should have known that Alex would come back to haunt me. Challenge me. Expose me.


But what he didn’t know was that I wasn’t completely defenceless. I had learnt a few things and intended to put them to good use. And even though, to any other random stranger seeing me in the doorway of this mansion, thinking that I looked hopeless and lost, I wasn’t. I may be at the top if Alex’s hit list right now, but I wasn’t just stand there and wait for my death do come quickly, I was going to get myself out of this, in the only way that I knew how: play him at his own game. He may think that I won’t go after him, but I will and he won’t know what hit him. Because at the end of the day, I may have made some big mistakes, but I’m not ready to give up just yet. Alex Puttery will die. And no one will even know that he did.......



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