I Grew Up With You 2 (Taylor Caniff & O2L FanFiction)

Kat Mabian had a very dark past. Which set rules for her not to date. But when O2L goes on tour with the Sunsation group, Sam Pottorff sets quiet the impression on Kat. But Kat will have to do things that she has sworn never to do.
But what about Mitzilyn Mathers & Taylor Caniff? Will Taylor crawl to the ends of the earth to get Mitzi back? Or will he let her suffer with no one? *Please read first book for the before story of Mitzi and Taylor Caniff*


1. Chapter 1: Dark Past

~ Kat's P.O.V ~

I swear I'll kill him. Even if it means I go to jail. I looked up at Mitzi. Who's eye were beat red from crying. Knowing that Taylor hurt her, I was pissed. I thought he 'loved her to the end of the earth'. Hah, obviously a bunch of bullshit. This is what happens when your in a relationship. You feel nothing but pain. That's why I don't like being in a relationship. Because it always ends up a mess. So I stay single. Plus, my electric blue hair scares guys. They always think I'm 'too loud', 'reckless', and 'weird'. Same with the older women. They're expression when they see me are insane. Because I looked different. I didn't look like your everyday 18 year old girl you see. But that's why, I want to be different. Being normal is hella boring. So yes, I am Reckless. My hair IS too loud. And I am weird, isn't everybody?
"Forget that asshole. You've got me!" I said.
Mitzi giggled and pulled me into a hug.
"C'mon, let's get packing so we can leave in the morning. We're leaving for San Fransico at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Yay." I laughed.


"How's Mitzi?" Riley asked me. We sat at a table in the room while Mitzi was still sleeping.
"Good. I don't think she thought of Taylor at all yesterday." I explained.
"Good. I can't believe him. He treated her so special. Then he decides to do this?" Riley whispered.
"We should get going. The girls left early this morning. They're on the way to the airport." I said.
Riley woke Mitzi up and we left. In the car, it was blazing hot. And there wasn't even any sun out yet.
On the radio, Mean Girls by Rachel Crow went on. So we rolled down the windows and screamed the lyrics.

"Mean girls, Mean girls.
Ima just comb you outta my curls.
Mean girls, mean girls.
You no longa run my world."

I loved this song. It was such an old song too. But it never gets old.
When we got to the airport, the girls were waiting for the plane. Once we got on, we settled in our seats and the plane took off. I got an email.

"See O2L on the Sunsation Tour in San Franciso! Buy tickets here!"
The title of the email said.

O2L? Who's that?
"Riley, what's O2L?" I asked.
She looked at me shocked, "how do you not know them!?" She said loud.
"Shhhh! I don't know. The same reason why you don't know what Bates Motel is."
(Bates Motel is my favorite show).
"Okay. They are a group of social media entertainers. And they are all quiet attractive." She giggled.
"Oh god." I said. I wasn't looking forward to this. I didn't want to meet hot guys.
And if your wondering why I don't want a relationship so bad, it's because of something that happened to me when I was a child. My mother and father were divorced. And my mother met this guy who charmed her. I had a bad idea about him. I was right. After I told her twenty times not to date him, she didn't listen. So when she met up for the first date, she ended up seeing a fifty year old molester. Apparently that guy set up that date for the older guy to do that to her. I guess you know where this is going. So ya, he did exactly that to her. Molested her. She ran home with a torn dress and called the police. But they couldn't find the guy. Not a sign of him. Then another night, the same guy showed up to my moms house. I was with her that weekend. He knocked my mother out, then he kidnapped me and molested me. But the cops found him. I was returned home and I couldn't think normal again. Mostly because the man hit my mother with such force, it did more than knocking her out. It killed her. He hit her temple and she blacked out. Then she ended up passing. After that, I got more sensitive. I got more alone and scared. But my father didn't do anything. He just let me suffer. Like nothing happened, he just ignored my pain.
That's it. That's why I don't want to date anyone. I'm scared and alone. But sense I'm with the girls, they're family. My family. And I have them to protect me.

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