Beautiful Souls

Chrystal Winter's life is about to change forever. Fleeing from her dark past and her former self, she finds her self making a small but successful living in sunny LA. Whereupon, she meets the young, wild force of nature that is Ashton Irwin. Immediately drawn to one another but for what reasons? Chrystal's heart isn't the only thing she's desperate to keep secret...


13. Chapter 13

Chrystal practically sprung out of bed the next day. She frantically checked her phone, but he hadn't text. Her face took on a troubled expression and she pondered the situation she had on her hands. She liked him. Dammit, she really liked him- more than she should. He liked her...Well I think he does? They're going on a date. Which is both good and bad. She knew she couldn't get close to him but there was something about Ashton she couldn't resist. Why shouldn't she have fun like a normal 22 year old? Her stomach suddenly growled loudly, it snapped her back to reality and she decided she'd deal with her situation another time. 

She went about her Wednesday morning in her usual routine; breakfast, washing, chores shower etc. By 1pm she was getting ready to leave to meet Kelly for Lunch. They did this every week religiously for the past year. Always at Pizza Express. Italian was Chrystal's favorite. She opened her front door and almost stood on the small package that was waiting there. Frowning she bent down and picked it up. She flipped it over in her hands a few times, inspecting it. It was black and sealed with red ribbon. Shaking it curiously, it made hardly a sound. It was very light. It hard a small white card attached to it. It read: 


Dearest Chrystal, 
I seen this and it reminded me of you. Wear it tonight. 


(P.s. I'll pick you up at 19:00)


Her eyes flew open in surprise. He had gotten her a gift. Nervously, she untied the silk ribbon and peeked inside the box. Inside there was more wrapping paper which she had to get through. Inside was some sort of silk material. Confused, she picked it out of the box. It was a a scarf. It was made of the softest silk, white and blue with gold embroidered through it. It was beautiful. Chrystal went to the mirror and wrapped the silk around her neck. She noticed that it matched the colour of her eyes perfectly. Smiling, she realized why he had chosen this scarf. "It reminded me of you." He'd been paying attention. She smiled at her reflection like some sort of mad idiot. Sadly, it didn't match the dull outfit she was currently wearing, so she gently folded it back into it's box and decided she'd admire it more later. She considered showing Kelly, then quickly decided against it. She was going to keep Ashton a secret for now. 





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