Camera boy

Most people knew harry styles as the boy who's really quiet and takes pictures of anything that catches his eyes.

Other people knew him as a big dork who locks himself in his room and never comes out.

He wouldn't talk to anyone, not even his mum. She once thought that he was mute once but he shook his head when she asked him.

Nobody knew why he turned quiet and Nobody dared to ask.

That is until one girl came into the picture.

And who knew that there was so much more behind the story.
© copyright of eat.sleep.fart 2015. All rights reserved.


1. prologue


Harry styles,


The boy who always took pictures of anything that catches his eyes.


The boy who always locked himself in his room and never came out since he was developing pictures from his camera.


The boy who hates life, and never talks to anyone.


The boy with many secrets and many wounds.


This is harry styles,

The camera boy.



Don't you guys just love how I did the cover? I'm really proud of myself :) lol well I hope you liked the prologue and the very 1st chapter is coming out soon do keep your eyes peeled and eat a banana while your at it. Tee hee

Love you broskies - xx

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