Secret that wasn't revealed

Niall has feelings for Hailey and just can't stop loving her. When she breaks up with James, she is devestated and Niall is the only one that doesn't fail at comforting her.
When it's time to tour the world for Niall and the rest of the band, Hailey goes through something and runs far away. Niall finds her. What will his reaction be? What will he say? Does he break up with Hailey and find someone else?


1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

-----Hailey's P.O.V----- First of all,I'm Hailey Jones. I have started modelling with Eleanor Calder,which I have known for 15 years. I have natural blonde hair, blue eyes that change colour when I lie. They turn green. When I blush, even when it's a tiny bit, it shows soooooo much! I have a boyfriend called James Harrison and he was the most popular boy in high school... well.... when we did go to school. Now, we're adults. James is hot and muscular and strong. When he flicks his hair, I melt inside in a good way.I live with Eleanor in a massive pent house and we do everything together. Today, we have a girls night out with Perrie, Jade, Leigh-ann and Jesy. By we I mean me and Eleanor are taking those girls. After shopping for 101 dresses, shirts,shorts, trousers, leggings, heels, converseves etc. We went into a pub to see Belle. Our old friend from High School. "Hi Belle!" I said and gave her a dress that I had brought for her. I appologised saying that I needed to go to the bathroom. When I was about to go in, in the corner of my eye, I say James and a girl kissing. I stared at them for a moment, not being able to move or speak. My face crumpled up and a tear ran down my cheek. 'Why would he do this to me?' I whispered. James say me and tried ran after me but he saw Little Mix. They beat him up once so he didn't dare go near us. My mascara made me look like a witch by now. It ra so much. "What did he do to you?" Asked Jade in a softening voice. I explained and they nodded, taking in everything that I had said. There was a long pause. Even everyone in the pub stopped talking, dancing and started staring at us. Then Eleanor conforted me but it didn't work quite as she had expected. "He's not worth it. He's just part of your past" said Eleanor. "Part of my past that I had loved, trusted for 4 damn years!"I shouted. "You guys don't understand! I loved him and I still do!" I cried and ran home without them.
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