Me, You and a baby??

Emma and Luke seem to be complete opposites, they have hated each other since they were kids. When Emma and Luke get paired up together for the baby project, their worlds get turned upside down and smashed together, and they get 3 times the trouble, of something more realistic then a mechanical doll.


3. chapter 3: night time

"I'm ho-" I froze as I stepped into the house.


"Uh hi" Luke gulped while holding Paxton over his head.


"Where's Paisley??" I asked looking around.


"We haven't seen her since after dinner" Parker said while jumping on the couch.


"Parker off" I scolded, catching him in mid air and gently him gently on the ground. "And put Paxton down please" I said walking out of the living room to find Paisley playing in the basement.


"EM!" She squealed jumping up and running into my arms. "I missed you, the boys are too much" she complained, cuddling into me.


"Of course they are" I laughed a bit making my way into the living room where the boys were watching football. "Okay, let's get you guys ready for bed" I said turning off the tv.


"But-" "now Luke" I said cutting him off quickly.


"Fine" he grumbled.


"Okay, to the kitchen" I said, ushering everyone. "Luke help them on to the island stools" I said opening the fridge.


"Oooo warm milk" Luke cooed happily, as I put a pot on. "And bananas" he gasped, as I grabbed a couple bananas.


"Luke, come help me get baths ready" I said as I handed the triplets their food.


"I don't even know how to bathe someone else" he complained as he followed me upstairs.


"I'll bathe Paisley in our bathroom and you bathe the boys in the other one" I said as I walked into the kids bathroom. "Warm water and bubbles" I said slowly starting the tub.


"Bubbles aren't manly" he stated.


"But it makes your cleaning job easier so deal with it" I said handing him the bubble bath and walking out of the bathroom.


"How much do I put in??" He yelled to me.


"A reasonable amount, if the tub over flows I'm not cleaning it up" I yelled back, I filled the bathtub quickly and added the bubbles. "Kids!" I called from the top of the stairs.


"Coming" I heard, before the appeared at the top of the stairs.


"Go get pyjamas then boys go to Luke and Paisley to me" I said, watching them go to their rooms.


"Emma, how old are you??" She randomly asked as she sat in the tub.


"I'm 17" I said, as I washed her hair.


"So that means your old enough to have kids??" She asked curiously.


"Well I didn't expect to be taking care of kids at this age, and I don't think most people do either" I tried to explain.


"Oh well that's okay" she shrugged, letting me finish and take her out of the bath. "Oh my it's cold" she shivered as I dried her off and got her dressed.


"Okay, I'll be by to say goodnight soon" I said, sending her to her room. "You done yet??" I questioned as I leaned on the doorway.


"I'm I think so" he said concentrating on the boys in front of him.


"Want some help??" I asked quietly as I took a step in the bathroom.


"Yeah sure, take one out" he smiled.


"Sounds good" I said cheerfully, pulling Parker out and taking care of him. "Guys go to bed, we'll be there soon" I said, ushering them out of the bathroom.


"I'm going to go say goodnight" he said walking towards their rooms, me trailing after him.


"I'm going to go shower" I said once we were done, walking off. As I walked into our bedroom, I saw him laying in the bed on the left side.


"What's up??" He asked awkwardly as I stared at him.


"Uh are we sleeping together??" I managed out.


"It's up to you" he gestured.


"Well I mean I don't want to sleep on the couch" I mutter crawling into the bed beside him, making sure there was distance between us.


"Emma" Luke said quietly from beside me.


"Yeah??" I whispered back, turning my head in his direction in the dark.


"I'm not very good at this parenting thing" he sighed.


"Well that's what this project is about. the whole year with this, I'm sure you'll be a pro by the end" I smiled.


"I guess" he said hopefully.


"Night" I said gently.


"Goodnight" he muttered, turning away. Soon his snores filled the room, causing me to slowly fall asleep.

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