The New Boy || L.H

Im a huge fan if 5sos and Luke hemmings just joined my school, anyway he asked me out and I'm so excited!!!!


2. Oopps!!

Eleanor's POV:

My alarm went off but i was already up. I have been up since 5:30 am trying to figure out something to wear and how do my make and my hair. In the end i wore a superhero comic dress with black converses. I had my hair in a waterfall braid and the rest of it down. My make up was fresh and bubbly. I cant wait to see him.

Luke's POV:

I had been up since 6 figuring out what to wear!! In the end i wore a nirvana tank top and black skinny jeans with white vans. I cant wait to see her. I think I'm falling in love with her...

Eleanor's POV:

I got a lift to school from my dad. I saw Luke by the gate and waited for my dad to leave as soon as he disappeared i ran over to Luke and kissed him. "Hey" he said "hi" i replied. We stalked walking into school holding hands and smiling. I looked up to him and he stopped. "Why did you stop?" I asked. He came up to me held my face in his hands "Eleanor you are the most beautiful girl i have ever met in my life...i think im falling in love with you.." I was speechless. My favourite guy in the world just told me he might love me. " i think i love you too Luke" i said kissing him and carrying on walking.

After school we went back to his house and we just sat on the sofa cuddling and kissing every now and then. He asked me if i wanted to go to his room " okay?". His parents weren't home so i think i know what he wanted to do. We got to his bedroom and we layed down on his bed and he started to kiss me. " Luke....are we going to...?" I asked him. " only if you want to?" I nodded and we did it.

About two hours later i had to go home. As i was walking out the door i turned to him. "Luke...did we use a condom?" He looked at me really worried. I walked back in "we have pregnancy tests you can see if you want?" He told me nervously. " thats a good idea!" I done the test and it was negative. I told Luke, he stood up and kissed me. " thank god for that" he whispered in my ear.

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