Dreams come True

This is about a girl who has a dream to be in the spot light then she gets it with her friends in a band called "Dream Loud" she meets a sertain someone and it takes her to make a love possible to have trouble,love,courage and fandom


2. part 1

Davia's P.O.V

Since I told u about my story of me wanting to be in the spot light because I love music and right now I love the way we connect as a band we were in the recording room writing some songs for our new album right now we are going to be on tour with Simone we don't know .... I guess

Girls u know we have a big headlining tour right now have u guys packed so one of u can help me ??

Sure I did finishing packing unlike Shelly . Leila raises her hand

Shelly/ Hey! I just love bed ... Okay *crosses her arms *

Okay then come on *leila and davia go to the room *

So.... What do u think about our previous success Leila *says unpacking *

Leila/ well... I'm pretty exited for it but yeah I think it's cool

Well okay then ... Hey... Do u think I'll ever meet a guy after I dated u know who cause u know ... I like musical guys

Leila/ D I'm pretty sure that you'll find a guy that you'll get rough pass time but you'll get him one day

Since now I'm going to give u the characters name there's going to be on this story and maybe if there's more I'll let u know

Davia Calihand

Shelly Marrero

Genesy Candelario

Leila Vazquez

Luke hemmings

Calum hood

Michael Clifford

Ashton irwin

Austin Mahone

And others

I'll tell u soon but if u like this next chapter I'll update when ever I can so click the like button and it would help a ton


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