Internet Love (Luke Hemmings fanfic)


2. •Chapter 2•

Pov Autumn

The next day, when i woke up, the first thing i did was go to twitter, and send luke a DM.

Autumn: hey

Luke: goodmorning!

Autumn: someone is happy haha how are you?

Luke: i'm good, hbu?

Autumn: i'm fine thanks haha

Luke: so, where in Australia do you live?

Autumn: i live in Sydney

Luke: Really?

Autumn: yeah haha

Luke: that is so cool!

Autumn: nahh

Luke: yeah it is! I also live in Sydney

Autumn: Really?!

Luke: yep, but i'm on tour now haha

Autumn: yeah i know you're on tour haha. Where are you now?

Luke: we are in America

Autumn: amazing!

Luke: nahh i prefer Australia

Autumn: haha why?

Luke: because the people are nicer in Australia

Autumn: yeah true. Even though i haven't been in America yet haha

Luke: haha

Autumn: so how many shows are left?

Luke: i think something like 20/30 shows

Autumn: so, tour is almost done?

Luke: yep, but i don't mind tbh, i've missed home and my family

Autumn: awh.

Luke: i gotta go, soundcheck.. Byee

Autumn: byee

After the little conversation with Luke, i went downstairs to get my breakfast. I saw that my mum already left for work. I walked into the kitchen, made breakfast and walked back upstairs. I turned on my laptop, looked for thr last episode of Pretty Little Liars and ate my breakfast while watching the show.

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