Internet Love (Luke Hemmings fanfic)


1. •chapter 1•

Pov Autumn.

I was sitting on my bed, scrolling through my timeline on twitter when a mention popped up. 'Luke Hemmings followed you'. Yeah sure, another fake account, isn't it? I searched for Luke's twitter, and saw that he was actually following me! I started cheering in my room when someone called me. "Hello, Autumn speaking." I say as i picked up my phone. "Autumn! Camilla here! I saw Luke followed you!" Oh god, Camilla is like the biggest 5 Seconds Of Summer fan. "Yeah he did" "Autumn, How can you stay calm?!" "Uh, because i'm not a big fan as you are?" "True, but still, Luke Hemmings followed you!" I hear my mum calling me downstairs. "Sorry, i gotta go. Dinner's ready. Byee!" I end the call, close my laptop and walk downstairs to take a seat at the kitchentable. "It smells amazing mum!" I say as i see what the dinner is today; spicy Chilli. "Thanks darling, bon appetit" she says as she gives me my food.

"It was delicious!" I say as i finish the dinner. My mum smiles and i walk back upstairs. I open up my laptop and i go to twitter. Shall i send him a dm? Okay, he probably won't even see it, but who cares? I'll just send him one. And, not much later, he sends something back!

Autumn: hey!

Luke: hey! How are you?

Autumn: i'm great, how about you?

Luke: busy, haha :)

Autumn: why did you follow me and actually sended me a dm back?

Luke: idk, you don't seem like one of those crazy fan girls

Autumn: haha nope, i'm not one of those. But i actually do like you guys :$

Luke: you do?

Autumn: yes! Is that weird?

Luke: no, but.. Never mind haha

Autumn: no tell me!

Luke: this feels like i've known you for such a long time! Haha

Autumn: ikr?!

Luke: so, tell me things about you!

Autumn: my name is Autumn, obviously. I'm 17 years old. I live in Australia, with my mum. I don't have any pets and yeah..

Luke: only with your mum?

Autumn: yes, my parents got deforced when i was 5..

Luke: oh.. Do you still see your dad?

Autumn: no.. He told my mum that he didn't want to see me or my mum again, because we 'ruined' his life...

Luke: oh i'm sorry..

Autumn: it's okay

Luke: well, i have to go.. I'll talk to you tomorrow?..

Autumn: okay, byeee x

Luke: bye!

I log out on twitter, close my laptop and take some underwear and a pair of pj's before i walk to the bathroom. I turn on the shower, get undressed and stap into the shower. A shower always makes me forget the problems. I wash my hair and body and then i get out of the shower. I take a towel to dry my body and hair and then i put on the clothes i took. I brush my hair and teeth and after that i walk back to my room. I lay down in bed, and check my twitter for the last time, and then i go off to sleep.

First chapter! Tell me what you think please? X

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