My New Life

Bethany and Lauren move from Belfast to London to pursue their dreams of becoming rich and famous singers, but what happens to those dreams when they clash with their love lives? Read this Movella to find out! Written by Lauren Moore. Copyrighted.


2. Chapter 1.

   I walked into my new apartment block, dragging my suitcases along behind me. I just moved out of my parents house back in Belfast in Northern Ireland and into my new apartment in London with my best friend, Bethany.   Oh, I forgot to introduce myself I'm Lauren, I'm eighteen years old and I am currently living in London and studying child care in university.

    I pulled the keys from my bag, checked the room number and turned to Bethany. "This is it!" I turned the key in the hole and pushed the door open slowly.   I looked around at my new home and couldn't help but smile.   It was perfect! there was one wall made of glass that looked out over the city lights at night time, and the view was amazing!   The other walls were painted a deep maroon colour and the floor was made of mahogany wooden floorboards.   I turned to Bethany to find that she was trying so hard to keep herself from squealing.   I then realised that we only had this weekend to find our way around London before university starts on Monday!

   Bethany went to look at her bedroom and I went to look at mine. I opened the door to find that there was a large double bed at the side of the room that was raised about three steps above the rest of the room and on the other side, there was a large walk-in wardrobe.   The whole room was draped with fairy lights.   I ran and jumped up onto the bed and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes.   I am officially a grown-up! I am eighteen, and there will be no-one to look after me now.   I can never go back.

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