Save Me

Basically this story is about a girl, who the reader is 'playing', she wants to be saved from her relationship. The ending isn't very good but what the hell!


10. Plans

The next few hours flew by like time meant nothing. I finally realised I was going to win. We did everything, cleaned, packed and cooked, shoving my exploding suitcases into the back of his car. Paul walked in twenty minutes later, staring in shock as he saw the cleanliness of the house. He stared around, not one thing out of place and a meal for three on the table."I'm impressed." He mumbled quietly in disbelief. We sat down at the table and all wolfed down our meal, I kept sneaking looks at the clock, hoping tomorrow would come quickly, we had planned to leave at 10:30(AM) tomorrow, which gave us a solid hour after Paul left to check I had everything that I needed.

By the time we had all finished our meals we were stuffed, Paul left the room so Daniel and I could clean up, I took Paul a bottle of beer as I heard the football match being turned up too loudly. "You wash I dry?" Daniel asked me when I returned, I nodded in agreement.

"You know you make a handy housewife." He laughed quietly at this, then went back to a very serious face, making me giggle. He splashed a little of the soapy water at me, "Hey! I was gonna wear this tomorrow!" 

"Oh I'm terribly sorry!" He said sarcastically "Does this make up for it?" Seconds later his lips planted a kiss on mine, surprised by the spontaneous kiss I dropped the china plate I was holding, it smashed in what seemed like slow motion, 

"What the hell are you doing?!" I heard Paul's booming voice as his head came round the door. Daniel stepped in front of me protectively.

"I dropped a plate sorry." He apologised. Paul grunted and nodded before returning to his seat and began watching the game once more. I looked up at Daniel,


"I told you I wasn't going to let anyone hurt you again." Everything was finally coming together. I was going to win. The next few hours were a blur, before my heavy eyes drooped and I fell asleep.

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