Beau,Lolly and the fam

Beau is really fucking stupid..He doesnt know what some things are but when it comes to James he knows exactly where his mind is at;)


1. Annabelle and 5 bucks

Annabelle: Excuse me sir?

Man: Fuck off I dont like whores!

Annabelle is being a slut as usual and always tryna get with someone on the street..(little slut) 

Annabelle:I'll do anything for 1.95 ma'am

Woman:Im not giving you 1 cent so fuck off

This old man about 67 walks by annabelle,Im also shocked she hasnt look for the D from him..

Man:I'll give you 5 bucks for a handy

Annabelle:Ohh thank you so much sir

They go back to annabelle's cardboard box and he gives her the D alright;) 

Man:Here is your 5 bucks 

Annabelle:Ok sir if you want to be a regular I'll be more than happy to help you.

Man:Oh no thank you I think my wife wouldnt be happy with that.

Annabelle goes with her five bucks and buys a dildo and meets luke brooks on the way...

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