So, I Think I Love You

If an unknown boy wanted to start a penpal relationship with you, would you?


1. Notes

"All right class so today we will be learning about World War II and our....."

I yawned as Mr. Cunningham launched into today's history lesson. History was not my best subject. The only subject I really enjoyed was English, although I wouldn't let anyone know it. Although I had to keep a B average to stay on the cheer squad, it was still frowned up between squad members to actually try to get a higher mark than that; so when I discovered that I had a passion for writing essays and discussing Shakespearean novels, I hid it from everybody except for my English teacher. 

As Mr. Cunningham droned on about how the Allies were rallying up to fight Germany, I started reading the various forms of graffiti on my desk. There was the typical hearts and stupid scribbles in the corners of the desk, but at the bottom - just before the table ended- was a note that said "look under the table." 

I looked around the room to see if anyone was paying attention, and poked my head under the table. There, taped to the underside of my desk, was a folded piece of notebook paper. I quickly snatched it and returned to my regular sitting position. I checked to see if Ms. Cunningham was looking at me; he was still droning on and making some diagrams on the board. I opened up the noted and read what it said. 


My name is- well, you can call me Jack. I wanted to make a new friend, so this is how I'm going to do it. If you want to be my friend, leave a reply underneath the desk, in the same spot that you found this note. If not, please put this note back and forget you even read it. 

I look forward to reading your reply, 


I was intrigued. A secret pen pal; it seemed like something out of a movie. I quickly ripped out a page of my notebook and scribbled a response back. 

Hi Jack, 

You can call me Emily. I like Shakespearean plays and watching movies, what about you?

I folded the note and taped it under the desk, just like "Jack" had. The entire period I was very distracted; wondering what Jack would say. 

Eventually the bell rung, and everyone headed to lunch. I sat with the cheer squad at the table in the middle of the cafeteria. I sat there and absent-mindedly stirred my mashed potatoes, thinking about what Jack's response would be, until Kay poked my arm with her plastic fork. 


I snapped out of my daze and look at her. 


"You've been thinking awfully hard there, you got something on your mind?"

My mind started racing. Should I tell them about Jack? Will they make fun of me? Will they laugh?

"No, just zoning out."

"You should come to my yoga class," interjects Genevieve, "The instructor teaches us how to clear our minds and zone out."

"Well that shouldn't be too hard, since your brain is already empty," snorts Reece. 

We all laugh as Genevieve frowns. 

"Yeah yeah, laugh all you want. I'm telling you yoga is good for you!"

"Sure it is," placates Cara, sympathetically patting Gen on the arm.  

The rest of lunch is spent laughing and joking around, with Jack far in the back of my mind. 

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