Tempting Fate

Do not read if you haven't read 'Dying of the light' because there will be spoilers. I do not own Any characters, themes or plots which are associated with Derek Landys Skulduggery Pleasant.

When all is done, Everyone believes that they have defeated it all. No one can beat us...

Or so they think..

A new enemy will rise, Testing not only the physical limits of the duo, But the mental limits. Is this the real end?

Bad summary.


1. Chapter one

Chapter 1

Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain walked out of the accelerator room together, Enjoying the peace their presence brought eachother. Skulduggery looked at his long time companion and drank in her appearance for the first time. She looked very tired and she seemed to be walking with a slight limp. He still couldn't quite believe that Valkyrie Cain, The girl he classed as his best friend, Was back. He had been trying for months on end, Getting no where and he was even beginning to think that the reflection would become her replacement if that was even possible. But he was wrong, So wrong. Everything seemed to be better despite the fact that many people were actually in a critcial condition and many had lost their lives. He had Valkyrie back and they even had Tanith back! Nothing could dampen this moment!


"Skulduggery, could we please head to the umm..." Valkyrie Faltered, Pain flashing across her face as the words she was looking for escaped her. Skulduggery turned and let his skull's eyeless stare search her face for any sign that she was ok. Skulduggery had told her that walking around with internal injuries was an accident waiting to happen, And he had let it happen. He should have forced her to sit down when he had the chance. Valkyrie took a few more steps and her legs wobbled violently before she started to make an unnatural plummet to the ground below her. Skulduggery reached out and grabbed her thin legs and held her against his chest as he walked back to the medical bay.


Valkyrie struggled to adjust to her position before finally settling on resting her head onto his thick rib cage. "I meant what i said you know...." Valkyrie mumbled into his crumpled shirt. Skulduggery looked down at his almost sleeping partner and tilted his head, beckoning her to continue. "I really do love you Skulduggery.." Valkyrie mumbled before falling asleep against him. Skulduggery allowed a big sigh to escape his skull as he looked back down at Valkyrie. "I do too Valkyrie... I do too.." Skulduggery muttered.


He continued on his way in silence.

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