Alpha wants me bad

Amber Courval is the daughter of one of the world's most feared alphas. What happens when her rival pack's alpha starts going to her school and not to mention, has been invited to stay in her house. How can she let anyone know, especially her father, that he's her mate.


11. Invader


Mmm... Don't you just love it when people play with your hair? The feeling of the strands being lightly tugged and the nice pulling sensation you get on your scalp? It feels like all your worries and tension just disappear within those tugs.

"Aisah..." A voice whispered, startling me out of my reverie. 

That's a pretty name, I thought, 'I-sah'. 

It sounded unique-exotic, but it wasn't mine. My name's Amber- or at least I think it is. 

"Yes, avis?" My heart suddenly started pounding a mile a minute. I panicked at the thought that my body had been invaded by an intruder, a British intruder at that. I could feel those words leave my mouth but those were no words of mine.

I felt myself looking around, searching for something, anything, but all I saw was black. All I felt was the pleasant feeling of the tugging against my scalp, and all I had heard was that man and the woman who had invaded my body.

It was the weirdest feeling ever. To feel peace and panick at the same time.

"I have a confession to make." His deep voice said, very hesistant.

Suddenly very curious, I held my breath waiting for what was going to happen next.

"Tell me, tell me!" This-this childish invader begged him eagerly.

Jeez. How about calm your tits first?

There was a long pause and then the tugging to my scalp stopped. 

I almost thought that maybe they'd left... Maybe-

"I'm in love with you." 

Wait, what?

"What?" She gasped.

My heart tugged at so much sorrow injected into one simple word.

"N-no- you cannot! You promised me, you bastard. You promised me!" She cried, fire in every syllable spoken.

"Aisah-" His voice one that I guessed always stayed strong, wavered at this vulnerable moment of what seemed like a hell of a rejection to me. 

"You promised you wouldn't fall in love with me." She yowled.

"We can be together now-"

"Liar." She hissed with such hate in her tone that I actually mentally cringed for him. 

I listened on, entranced by the turn of events in the scene playing before me, audio version. 

"Aisah, we were meant to..."

Meant to what?


Suddenly, I was tumbling, falling, into nothing...


*      *     *     *     *

"How about we leave her alone for a while, hmm?" I just barely heard my mom softly say, hints of exhaustion evident in her voice.

"I'm not leaving her." Luc's clipped answer.

"Luc, she'll come along whenever she's ready."

"and I'll be here waiting."

Oh lord, I was so sleepy again.....

I let the darkness pull me under.

*     *     *     *     *

"Donuts..." I heard myself mumble involuntarily.

There was a shuffle and then voices.

"What was that?" Luc's conflicted voice sounded out.

"Hey, did you hear that too?"

"Call her father, Caleb."

My two favourite boys. If only they were donuts.

My stomach growled and I knew I couldn't hold it off any longer, it needed those sugary, round, deep fried, dough.

I forced my heavy eyes open slowly, testing them out against the dim lighting. Blinking, It took me awhile before I finally focused on the ceiling.

There, scattered across the large expanse that was the ceiling, were angels- beautiful beings of the above. Hundreds of them were painted onto the wall of the ceiling, all so beautiful you could weep but not only that, they had faces of warriors, so fierce, so determined. Wings spread out wide, white and shining with the light of the beyond.

Scanning the ceiling of the room, I moved further right where I knew there'd be a darker colour to the otherwise bright blue sky. It went gradient from light to dark with colours of black, grey and red. The other side of the room swam with more angels but they weren't like the ones in the light. They had wings the colour of black. It really was beautiful, the colours a stunning shade of midnight- but they held no glow.

Beautiful faces no different than the angels on the right, but there were the little things that transformed them. Faces snared in outrage and bodies ready for attack. They gave off vibes of negativity and sin, they were anything but good.

They were fallen angels.

As usual, there was this one angel that always caught my eye. It made sense considering he was leading the group of dark angels, but what really caught my eye was that amongst the sea of black wings- he flew strong and proud, his wings spread out wide and menacingly, in the colour of spun gold.


I turned to the voice and there he stood at the side of the bed.

"Luc?" I tried saying, my voice coming out in a rasp. I cleared my dry throat trying to sound somewhat human.

"Here," He said worriedly, sitting me up carefully and handing me a glass of water to sip on.

Feeling better, I put it away. "Luc... why am I in the health room?"

He moved to sit on the chair next to my bed in tense, short movements. Once sitted, he leaned in so his stunning green eyes caught mine. It was piercing, and with a seriousness in it that I didn't like. "You don't remember, mon amour?" He asked softly, jaw tensing.

My heart skipped a little and I didn't know why. "Did-did I faint?" I asked hesistantly.

He gave me a look that said that really wasn't what happened.


"Is she awake?" A voice boomed out.


My parents walked in with Caleb behind them.

His fierce face that looked like had aged ten years immediately changed when he saw me sitting up. All the stress could be seen to be lifted right off him. "Amber." He sighed, striding quickly over to me then pulling me into a hug, squishing my face into his chest.

I winced at the sudden pain I got from various parts all over my body. "Ouch, Dad." I tapped his hand that was stroking my head.

"Shit, sorry." He pulled away from me.

My mother sat on the end of my bed, silent, picking at the imaginary lint from the blankets.

"Mom, you ok?" I asked.

Her head popped up and met her shiny eyes. "I'm good, honey. Just relieved." She smiled softly.

Confused, I frowned at them. "Guys, why are you all looking like I almost died."

All in sync, My parents and caleb all exchanged strange looks.

"She doesn't remember." Luc voiced out, answering their question.


"Remember what?" I exclaimed.

My father cleared his throat. "Honey, you were attacked. You were at the forest where your grandmother used to bring you, do you remember? You were gone for a really long time and no one could find you anywhere. We all got really worried and sent out search parties for you. We searched everywhere. Then Luc..." His eyes flickered to where Luc sat with a conflicted look in his eyes. "He said he could feel you in trouble and he led us to the forest. Where we found you."

Racking my brain, I tried to remember. "Why would I want to go to-"

Suddenly, flashes exploded before my eyes. Vivid colours swirled around and voices boomed in my head. I clutched my head as memories swam back like an explosion gone off in my head.

I remembered, from why I left school, heartbroken. To running, just running from everything- then reaching my what I once thought was my safe haven then.... the monster.

I remembered everything.

What really stood out as the flashes went by, was those pair of red eyes. Inhumane, crazed, evil. It kept flashing before my eyes and I panicked, feeling like I was back in that forest running for my life all over again.

"Amber!" Hands were on my shoulder shaking me. Abruptly I stopped, realising I was hyperventilating. My eyes finally focused on my father's intense eyes.

"I want you to breathe. In, out. C'mon, In and out."

I listened to him, slowly calming myself as I processed all that information and tried to control my breathing at the same times. After a couple minutes, I finally stabilised myself giving them shaky reassuring looks.

Running my shaky hand through my hair, I swallowed. "What was it." I whispered.

"We don't know." Luc said immediately.

"Luc." My father said sharply.

"Alpha Courval." Luc said back in a strained tone.

My father's jaw clenched visibly. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "It must have been a rival pack." He forced out.

"Did you see it? I-Its eyes glowed red. Dad! It was not were." I stressed.

"I'm sure you were just caught under pressure, honey."

"Dad." I whined.

"There are no such thing as werewolves with red eyes. Leave it be." He said it and it was final.

Looking around the room for someone to believe me, they all looked away. No one believed me, never have I ever seen anything as real as that but they were making me doubt what I saw.

Anger exploded in my chest in tight clenches. "Leave." I gritted out.

They looked taken aback.

"Leave- all of you." I ordered.

It took awhile, but eventually with the help of the nurse, they were all showed the way out.

Mind spinning with thoughts, I pulled my legs up into my chest and leaned my head on my knees. Wincing, I felt a dull throb radiating from my ankle at what must have been the bite from that thing. It made it all so much more real, how close I had been to dying. 


After arguing with the pack nurse for what seemed to be like forever, I managed to convince her to let me leave the eerily quiet room after I found out I'd been snoozing in a death like sleep for two days! Two days I'd been cooped up in here and she wasn't planning on letting me out? Please. 

My stomach growled. 


Thanks to healing similar to a magical unicorn's, my injuries had healed up pretty well. It didn't really heal up the memories that I'd 'imaginined' but It did heal me physically.

My ankle wound had closed up leaving there a ugly bruise that consisted of several dark colours and a faint scar of teeth marks.

After taking a much needed shower, I made sure to wrap that shit up.

Limping down the long stairs, I managed to evade mostly everyone. Making it into the kitchen I smiled as the head chef, Ramirez, waved me over with a huge grin. 

"Ah, my beautiful princessa, come down to scout food again, yes yes?" Ramirez said, waving his arms around is various gestures. 

"You know it." I replied sheepishly.

He pinched my cheek. "Ah, no need to be embarassed!" He cried, handing me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. "You know back in my country they say, a girl that eats a lot will give the family beautiful pups. Healthy ones! So you and Alpha blackwell can-"

The orange juice that I'd taken a sip of, when up the wrong pipe, and yes I said up not down so technically it went up my nose. The next second consisted of me choking and orange juice trickling down my nose. 

"Dio mio!" He exclaimed, laughing and attempting to clean up my face with some tissue. 

"H-how- why would you think Luc and I??" 

"Why- he is your mate, is he not?" Ramirez asked with a confused look on his face.

At a lost for words, I stayed silent.

Taking pity for me, he asked me what I'd like to eat, shooting off various choices of foods.

"I'm craving... steak with garlic butter- medium rare. Some spaghetti carbonara, make it creamy with extra crispy bacon. Also, can I have your famous sticky date pudding for dessert as well?" I fluttered my lashes at him. 

He shook his head with a grin, "Coming up, Princessa." 

Sitting on one of the countertops of the big kitchen, I held my bowl of pasta in my hand slurping down the goodness, the plate of steak already sat on the counter, finished. 

"You can eat." A voice said. 

Finishing off my bite of pasta, I looked up to Luc striding over to me. 

I felt heat rise to my cheek as I put down the almost finished bowl of pasta to the side. "Hi." I whispered, looking anywhere but at him.

Feeling a warm hand on my thigh my eyes shot to where his large hand covered my thigh. Heart pounding ridiculously quick, he pushed my legs apart and moved to stand in between my thighs in a position way too intimate for my heart to take at the moment. 

"Amber." He said softly, gripping my chin in his fingers to tilt my head up to meet his startling green eyes. I saw the worry in his eyes, what he had gone through during the past few days as he waited for me to wake up. How it must have been to find me bloody on the ground and finding me and just -

"Luc I'm sorry." I blurted out. "I'm sorry that I was such a brat just now when I should've been grateful for you saving my life." 

He stroked my cheek. "You don't have to be sorry." His brows furrowed. "It was all you, my love. You only have yourself to thank for, you defeated the were, not me, I merely found you." I saw his eyes flash in pain at the memory of finding me on the ground. 

"Wait- what do you mean?" We stared at each other for a bit. "Are you saying it wasn't you that tore off its head?"

He tilted his head. "No I suppose you did."

It definitely wasn't me. Or at least I think It wasn't.

"If it wasn't you- then who did."


Ramirez left the room where he had been eavesdropping on the conversation Amber and Alpha Blackwell were in. Exiting the kitchen through the backdoor, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled a number. 

"Hello, sir. Yes, calling in to give an updated report on Amber Courval."


Yes guys, Ramirez isn't just a cook. 

AND YES I haven't updated in forever and just know that I'm kneeling on the floor begging for your forgiveness. 

Also sorry If this chapter didn't really satisfy you reading vultures' cravings. I know there wasn't much action here but I'll make sure to add some in the next chapter that hopefully will be posted soon?? 

I love you all </3 like so much 

comment on what you think Ramirez is up to or even who you think killed the beast. Coz it surely wasn't Luc. 


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