All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


9. Chapter 8

*this isn't edited! :) shout out to †☮Beauty Was An Option?† who is Hanna in this story. I hope you guys like it :) 

Annabelle's P.O.V.

what time are you guys leaving tomorrow?" Carter asked. We were currently out eating Taco Bell.
"Around one o'clock" I answered. Carter just nodded and pulled out his phone. 
"We'll take you guys" he said looking up at me. 
"You don't have to. We don't wanna burden you guys. You've done enough already" I said truthfully. Carter just shook his head.
"Be ready by 11" he said. I watched him look down at his phone. 

"Dude, you're being rude" Aaron said shooting carter a glare. Carter looked up and glared back then turned to me.
"I didn't know you had a sister" Carter said.
"Have." I corrected. "Her name is Hannah and she's 16, the same age as Alisha" I said pointing to Alisha.
"And you're...." He trailed off.
"17" I answered shortly.
"When do you turn 18?" He asked. I should have expected that.
"In nine days" I smiled. I watched as Carter's eyes widened.
"When's your birthday?" I asked before he could say anything else about my birthday.
"May 24" he said smiling. 
"That was a month ago!" I shouted.
"Three days before I met you" he nudged me.
"So anymore siblings?" He asked. 
"No, just me and Hannah. Who's gonna travel with us after this New York stop" I smiled. 
"Man, I was hoping I could meet her" Carter said looking down at his phone again. Who was he texting? I got up and threw away our trash.
"Ready to go?" I asked everyone. They all got up and pilled into the van the boys brought.

Taylor was driving and Aaron was sitting shot gun, Kat, Dillon, and Kayleigh were in the middle, and Carter and I were in the way back with Matt and Alisha.
"Selfie?" I asked Carter. He just nodded and smiled at the camera. 'Just ate #tacobell with this loser @carterreynolds ' I captioned on IG. (sorry guys... I don't know their Instagram or twitter usernames cause I don't have either) I'm getting way to into this media stuff. I thought shaking my head.

"Be ready by 11" Carter shouted out the window after they dropped us off at home. I just shook my head and followed Alisha inside.

>>next morning<< 

"Anna, wake up!" I heard some one shout.
"What?" I questioned keeping my eyes closed.
"It's already 10:30" Alisha said. I groaned.
"Fine I'm up" I said dragging myself out of bed. I changed into my grey sweat pants and a black hoodie. What? It's a long flight. I wanna be comfortable. I didn't feel like brushing my hair so I just put in a messy bun. I dragged my suit case down stairs and saw Alisha standing there dressed the same but her brown hair was covered by a beanie. She looked gorgeous as always.
"Twinsies!" She laughed grabbing me by my arm and taking a picture for IG. I went upstairs to grab my phone and my carry on bag and when I came back down everyone was waiting in the van? I was greeted with hi's and hey's (is it hi or hey? Lol) as I got in the front seat next to Taylor. I couldn't help but watch him as he drove. He was wearing a white beanie with some kinda symbol on it and i must admit he looks hot! Well they all do. I realized what I was thinking and started blushing causing me to look away from Taylor.

"What's that symbol on your beanie?" I asked turning back to him.
"It's the magcon symbol" he said glancing at me then turning back to the road. Oh. Right. That tour thing they're a part of. Forgot about it. I felt some one tap my shoulder and turned around.
"Hey did you know Missy is a fan of them?" Kat asked pointing to Taylor and Dillon, who was next to her again. I wonder what happened there. Missy is Kat's 14 year old sister.
"No way?!" I shouted.
"Yup. She was totally fangirling when she saw them yesterday" I just laughed and turned back around. I wonder if Hannah knows them too? 

"Thanks for the ride guys" I said before we were about to go through the security check. I quickly hugged each of them. I was about to walk away when Carter pulled me back. I gave him a questioning look but he motion for us to stay a couple more minutes. I watched him stop some one and give him his phone. We posed for a picture and said thanks as the guy walked away. I said bye one last time and Carter pulled me in for hug quickly kissing my cheek making me turn bright red.
"Payback" he whispered in my ear letting me go. I waved bye and walked through security. Wondering if this time was gonna be the same as last time. Would it be three weeks before I saw them again?

"Flight 208 to New York boarding in 20 minutes" the announcer said over the speaker. Ten minutes later I got a twitter notification.

Carter Reynolds: dropping @anna_belle, @kay_edison, @Ali_Rod, @kat_will off at the airport. C u soon!
There was a picture attached. 
I clicked and saw the one we just took. Carter was on the far left with his arm wrapped around my waist, Next to me was Taylor with an arm around Kat's shoulder, On the other side of Kat was Dillon with his arm around her waist,Aaron was next to Dillon making the peace sign with Kayleigh and, on the far right was Matt standing behind Alisha. He had a tight grip on her waist pulling her close to him. They looked so cute! I saved the picture and set it as my lock screen just as my flight was called.


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