All That Matters

Annabelle Powers and her two best friends Kayleigh Edison and Katherine Williams are on a trip. They just graduated high school and They're traveling across the United States. What else would three teenage girls do besides fall in love, have fun, and start drama?

-cover by shyviolin I love it it's amazing. This story is also on wattpad my user name is butterflygrl98


7. Chapter 6

*sorry for any mistakes. I never edit lol*

Annabelle's P.O.V.

"I'm not sitting anywhere near him next time!" Kat huffed. 
"Why? What happened?" Alisha asked worried.
"That jerk was flirting with me" she said getting more worked up.
"Dude it's ok" Kayleigh soothed.
"Why are so worked up about this? He's cute anyways" I said
"True" Kayleigh said.
"I... I don't know" she sighed. "He was just being so cocky" she groaned frustrated. It all made sense now. Kat hated cocky guys. I was about to tell her to just ignore him when Carter came up.
"Everything ok?" He asked.
"Yeah let's go" I said walking inside right behind the guys.

"How many?" The waitress asked
"Nine" Matt answered. The waitress, a kind old lady, motioned for us to follow. She took us to a ten seater table. On one side it was Matt, Kat , Arron, and Carter. Then at the end of the table it was Dillon. In front of Matt was Alisha. In front of Kat was Taylor. I was in front of Arron and Kayleigh was in front of Carter. (Did that make sense?) We quickly ordered and began catching up. 

"So how did you like California?" Carter asked.
"It was great. I miss it already" I said truthfully.
"Yeah, it's amazing" he said. 
"So what are you guys going to New York for?" I asked.
"Well, there's this tour called the Sunsation Tour, and we're all a part of it" he said gesturing to all the guys.
"Oh cool!" I said excitedly. It sounded like fun. I felt some one tap on my shoulder and turned to look at Kayleigh.
"Can we trade spots? Your conversation is over lapping mine and Aaron's" she said. I just nodded and switched spots with her. I looked at Carter and saw him smirking. I looked around to see Matt, Alisha, and Dillon were in a conversation and Kat was talking to taylor, and Arron and Kayleigh were talking. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and took it out. I had a text message. I opened it and there was the picture Carter was supposed to send me.
"Finally!" I said laughing. He just smiled and looked back down at his phone. A couple seconds later I got a notification.

@mr_carterr: at lunch with these people :) @anna_belle @kay_Edison @Kat_will @Ali_rod 
(all the other twitter names. I don't fell like putting them all. Don't judge)
there was a picture attached to it.
Carter was smiling like a normal person. I was smiling down at my phone, Kat and Taylor were laughing while Aaron and Kayleigh made funny faces. Matt looked frustrated, Alisha looked annoyed, and Dillon looked confused it was a funny picture.
I quickly favorited it and retweeted it. Before I knew it I was getting more followers. I was up to 1,000. Before I only had about 200 and they were all family and friends. I hope people didn't think we were using them for fame. I didn't even know who they were when I first met them.

I got another text message. It was Mahogany.
Lox: so jealous of you :)
Me: haha. Carter says hi.
Lox: tell him hey!!
Me: alright.

Carter's P.O.V.

Annabelle was texting Mahogany so I was creeping on twitter. People were freaking out about the girls. I'm glad I never put the picture of Annabelle and I on any social media. The fans would have gone crazy. Some girls were shipping different people and others were hating on them. I ignored it hoping the girls wouldn't be affected by the hate. They were part of our life now. I just hoped they could get used to it. People were asking questions about them but I decided not to answer just yet. 
"I'll be back" I told Annabelle. She nodded and kept texting.

"Hey, I have an idea" I told the person on the other line
"What is it?" I quickly explained it to him and hung up going back inside the restaurant.

"Alright... So we'll see you tomorrow" I asked. We were outside of Buffalo Wild Wings.
"Yup I'll text you the address" she said getting in to her car. Once we were in our own car and on our way to the hotel Aaron broke the silence.
"So how are we splitting this?" He asked.
"Carter and I will go to Annabelle's" Matt answered for me.
"I'll go to Kayleigh's and Taylor and Dillon can go to kat's" Aaron finished.
"Umm..." Dillon said nervously scratching the back of his neck.
"What's up?" Taylor asked looking at Dillon through the rear view mirror.
"Katherine kinda haarsved" he mumbles 
"What?" I asked confused.
"Katherine hates me" he said more clearly this time. Aaron laughed and Dillon, who was in the back seat with Matt and I,glared at the back of his head.

"What did you do?" Matt asked.
"I was flirting with her" he said.
"What's wrong with that?" Taylor asked.
"I was kinda being a jerk with her though" he said. I looked at him in shock.
"Why would you do that?" I asked.
"I don't know she was so pretty... I mean the way her black hair falls in perfect curls, and get deep blue eyes, and he-" Matt cut him off.
"Ok we get it she's hot" Matt said bluntly "that still doesn't explain anything" he added.
"Well I figured she'd never go for a guy like me so I kinda started throwing my fame in her face to impress her" he said quickly.
"Bro, you messed up. These girls are not like that" Matt said.
"They couldn't care less about fame" I added.
"Yeah, they didn't even know who we were when we first met them" Taylor added. Dillon put his head in his hands.
"Maybe you could go apologize tomorrow" Aaron suggested. Dillon nodded looking a little more hopeful.

(Aww! Who feels bad for Dillon? Should he be forgiven?)

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