Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream

[Fanseries] The Storybook Kingdom where all stories live has been destroyed by the Bad-End Writers. Leaving only Cure Raven of the original PreCure to survive and serperated from her fairy Hood. It's up to Cure Pixie, Cure Mirror, Cure Mermaid and Cure Raven to stop history from repeating. But will they survive or will the threads of fate be the end of them?


2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall!


Sora sighed tiredly as she entered her room, she hung her vest on the hanger that was nailed to her bedroom's green walls. She then set her bag down on her dresser near her mirror. The dirty blonde then plopped down on her bed sighing once again. Her newly found bee friend, that turned out to not be a stuffed animal, came out of her bag.

Hood flew around her room looking in both curiosity and awe at what she had. Books about pixies practically filled the old oak bookshelf to the brim. On the top of the bookshelf and all around the room were posters of pixie themed magical girls and pixie magical girl figurines. Some she made some not. "Awesome~hoho..." Hood trailed off in awe.

Sora wasn't paying attention to the little bee fairy. The dirty blonde had so much she was thinking about. Who was Cure Pixie exactly? Was she Sora with a dress, new hair, and eyes. Plus those extremely odd powers, what was that based off of? Faith? Pixie dust, or some type of wind related magic. Not only that who was that woman anyways?

"Pretty sure its Magpie..." Sora Kimura trailed off.

"You said you had questions, lay them on me~hoho!" Hood smiled, though the smile was more of a relaxed and tired smile.

"Okay...I want to know everything that's happened so far." Sora looked at the little bee with a dead serious look. Though the look was somewhat quizzical.

(OP: Purikyua Story – Yukari Tamura ft. Hood)

"In a nutshell~hoho...that's it~hoho." Hood said in an honest tone.

Sora's face was full of many things, shock, being the most prominent on her face. In some ways she wished it was just a dream. That the whole entire day had been a dream. From the time she woke up to right up to that point. She wanted Cure Pixie to be a dream. And only that.

"S-So your saying that me and three other girls have to stop these Bad-End Writers from turning this world into a wasteland...but who are these girls? " The dirty blonde said desperately trying to pry information.

"I don't know~hoho." he said again, though in a lazy tone as he yawned.

"Then I have no more questions...but I promise you, I'll find my partners and save this world and restore your kingdom!" Sora declared confidently, then she curled up into a ball . She was way too tired to even get dressed for bed or ask anymore questions. So the dirty blonde closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. Secretly oping that every last bit of the day was nothing more then her imagination...but she knew all too well that it wasn't imaginary... it was just cold hard reality.

Sumiko sat in her room, her hair done up in a loose ponytail. Her eyes were trained on her computer screen as she scanned through some photos. But these were just normal photos...they were pictures of Cure Pixie!

The white haired girl looked through the pictures, seeing if they were an illusion. Some of them showed her fighting the Yaminaa, others showed her during the sequence of Faithful Winds. There was even some of Hood and Magpie(the latter swollen from the bee sting).

"I must ask that girl if this is real." Sumiko said pushing up her circle shaped glasses a serious look on her face. She had to know everything, after all she wanted to be as smart as she could. And this is the way she would get her answer, no matter what it took to get them.

(Title Card: The Power of Reflections! Cure Mirror Shines!)

The next morning Sora actually awoke before her alarm clock rang. Sitting up she decided on taking a shower to clear her head. After doing so she sat in front of the large mirror in her bedroom, just brushing her hair as she stared nonchalantly at herself. She was still Sora Kimura, but she knew she was different. The dirty blonde knew in her heart she was no longer just Sora Kimura, but, a heroine, Cure Pixie.

"What was I thinking yesterday?" Sora asked herself as she reached inside her bag. She pulled out her PreCure Storybook, oddly enough it still had the golden keyhole. But the key she had yesterday wasn't with it, and when she tried to open it it wouldn't open. Sighing she set it on her dresser and put a confident smile on her face. "No doubting! Turning faith into pixie dust, Cure Pixie!" She yelled doing the same pose as yesterday.

For some reason it just didn't feel the same. Even though she had both arms down and her palms out so they faced forward, and she had her legs crossed. It wasn't the same, maybe because she wasn't transformed perhaps...however her thoughts were interrupted by a buzzing noise.

" you have any food for me, please~hoho?" Hood laughed sheepishly and lazily as his stomach growled. Which caused her to do an anime sweatdrop.

"Yea I do, just wait here." Sora bowed and smiled and walked out from the room and into the hallway. However she immediately froze at the sight of her mother, who wore a bright smile on her face.

"I'm surprised to see you up so early," Nanami continued to smile and there was a long awkward silence. The one where someone talks and no one answers for a long time. One of those types of awkward silences.

"Well...I decided to get up early!" Sora gave a confident smile and started down the stairs. However as she did she missed a step and began falling down the stairs on her butt, her mother closing her eyes not wanting to watch. The pixie themed PreCure had yelled the whole time she had fallen, or in this case bounced, down the stairs. "Owie..." She winced and stood up shakily after she reached the bottom of the stairs.

Her mother had walked down with her and saw a very, very unusual sight. Sora was searching in the cupboard...for breakfast food. Her mother's face looked something along the lines of this; 0_0. "W-What the..." Nanami said dumbfounded at the sight in front of her,

Sora held a box of Captain Munch in one hand and poured some into a small bowl and started up the stairs. Her mother shook her head, trying to shake off the confusion, and continued on her merry way as the dirty blonde started up the stairs.

Once Sora started down the hall she could hear her father yelling about how he was going to be late for work. Sighing she opened the door to her room and closed it. Hood was still hovering around her room lazily, though for some reason the bee PreCure fairy was hovering upside down. How...interesting?

"Umm...I have your breakfast..." Sora said raising an eyebrow and set the bowl on the table and put her PreCure Storybook in her book bag. She then changed into her school uniform and adjusted the buckle on her dull shoes. Glancing at the clock she saw she had less then fifty minutes left till school started. "I got to go to school," the dirty blonde said picking up her school bag.

"May I come~hoho? We don't have this thing called 'school' in the Storybook Kingdom~hoho." Hood asked and turned into a regular flying position, cocking his head to one side(if that was even possible).

"Sure get in my bag, but please stay quiet." Sora smiled and opened her bag and Hood flew into her bag and the dirty blonde closed the bag and started down the stairs. This time however she made sure that she wouldn't fall down the stairs. Before she left she grabbed her lunch off the counter and gave a confident smile as she walked out of her house. Her own signature tradition to give her courage for the day.

As Sora walked down the pathway with the other students someone grabbed her hand and pulled her aside off the path. Startled she pulled her hand away and stepped back. Though when she collected herself she saw...Sumiko!

"Kimura-san, we need to talk now." Sumiko's face was serious and she pushed up her circle glasses. Her green eyes were full of a combination of seriousness and a look that practically said, I want answers.

"About what? The pixie themed Pretty Cure asked sincerely, unaware of what was about to happen.

"You know exactly what, Cure Pixie." The white haired girl gave her answer to the girl. She stepped forward close enough that their faces were almost touching.

"I-I think you've been watching too much magical girl anime, I'm not this Cure Pixie." Sora laughed and rubbed the back of her head and stepped back a bit.

Sumiko took her white phone out of her bag and unlocked it. After a few seconds of her tapping away she pulled up the pictures of Sora, er Cure Pixie. The dirty blonde froze as Sumiko showed her the pictures. There was no denying it anymore, she had to come clean.

"Okay you caught me," Sora sighed in dismay and her hands went to her face.

"I want answers, meet me at the library after school." The white haired girl said and took out her pocket dictionary and walked away while reading.

Sora sighed in pure despair and began wondering if this sort of thing happened to all superheroes. She then got on the path again and the dirty blonde continued to walk. Hood had listened to the whole conversation and he had begun to think many things. Like, how had Sumiko even seen them? He was sure that no one was around except him, Sora, Magpie, and the Yaminaa. Plus how had she gotten those pictures without being close enough to the battlefield?

In the Bad-End Writers' hideout everyone was sitting quiet waiting for the arrival of King Wolf. Magpie sat on the floor still puffed up like someone took an air pump to her. Piggy was stuffing his face with a giant plate of biscuits and country gravy. While at the same time shoving whole ears of corn in his mouth and turkey bacon with hot-sauce and cheese on it. Princess just sat on her chair blowing on her toenails(which were painted with snake venom) and having a tiny mouse feed her grapes.

Suddenly as if on cue King Wolf burst through the door and glared at Magpie. Walking over he took out his staff and hit the poor bird woman five times then kicked her in the stomach. Then stormed over to his throne and plopped down on it sighing. "Well as I see your incompetent, how about you Piggy?" The humanoid wolf looked at the pig who was stuffing his face.

"How about I go, King Wolf?" Princess gave a sweet and sadistic smile and stood up and slipped her heels on.

"Sure, not like I have many options anyway..." King Wolf said the last part under his breath. "Make sure you don't fail." He snarled then looked at the cowering figure that was Magpie.

Princess did a curtsy and disappeared in a flash of black light. King Wolf sighed and stood up and walked out of the room going to take a nap. The only noise being made now was the sound of Piggy munching on a plate with the residue of gravy. Magpie just kind of sat there rocking back and forth, completely tramuratized by the beating and the stings.

"Want a bite?" Piggy asked, mashpotatos and glass pouring out of his gob as he held out a giant turkey leg.

During lunch Sora sat under a tree her lunch in the center of her lap and Hood sat next to her. Momo had to go to the nurses office because she didn't feel very well. So taking Hood out was the next best thing to talk to for her.

"Man, what am I gonna do?" Sora moped and took a bite of a seaweed wrapped piece of shrimp. Then she picked up another piece and fed it to her lazy mascot.

"Well she already knows~hoho...hopefully this doesn't get out of hand~hoho." Hood said as he chewed his food and Sora and ate a bit of her rice nonchalantly.

Then she saw a sight that reminded her of yesterday, the Three Beckys were blocking and glaring at a girl. But this girl wasn't Sumiko, she was a lot younger, and a bit shorter. She had short red hair that spiked a bit at the end and her eyes were a sea green. The Three Beckys threw their neon blue hair behind their shoulders and glared at her.

"I need to give these papers to Mrs. Resaki, the middle school's principal requested it." The girl said bluntly and looked up at the three bullies. Very little if no fear was in her eyes.

"Like, what makes you think will let you pass?" One of them said looking down at her. Though the girl stayed silent, she really didn't have comeback. She kind of just stared at them keeping her stern look, even if in the inside she was a bit terrified. However just as two of them were about to smack the papers out of her hands, something stopped them.

"Enough." Sora scolded stepping in front of the brown haired girl. "Picking on a young student is just plain terrible, you should be ashamed. Being so unfair." With that the Three Beckys backed up a little bit and looked at eachother as if they were carrying on their own silent conversation. With rolled eyes the three left and the brown haired girl sighed in relief.

"Thank you miss, my name is Kayo Inoue." The girl, now named Kayo, smiled at our dirty blonde hero.

"Your welcome, also my name is Sora hurry along now." Sora smiled as the girl took a step forward and landed on her face sending papers everywhere. Quickly the pixie themed Pretty Cure ran over to the younger student and helped her up. "Here let me help you." Sora smiled and began to help Kayo pick up her papers.

"Again thank you," Kayo bowed and managed to walk inside without falling down and Sora sighed in relief. That was one problem taken care of for it at least. She froze as she heard the school bell and she shoved Hood in her bag. While he was still stuffing his gob.

To her it felt a little unfair...she just had so many things bad going on with her today. First, Sumiko found out her identity, then Hood practically ate all her lunch, and finally that girl Kayo was bullied and she had to rescue her. When was she gonna get some me time?

(Eyecatch 1: Sumiko and Amaya are seen together watching as Sora and Kayo struggle to do their homework. Hood suddenly falls out of nowhere sending papers everywhere. Sumiko and Amaya sweatdrop as Sora and Kayo chase Hood, the Pretty Cure Fairyrtale Dream logo can be seen on the center bottom of the screen.)

(Eyecatch 2: Sora appears playing with a jack in the box with the other Cures(in civilian form) and Hood right behind her looking over her shoulder. It appears to not work and she starts slamming her fist on the toy. Suddenly it explodes into light and the girls are now in their Cure forms. They look curious at one another with Hood equally confused by what happened. The Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream logo appears on the center bottom of the screen.)

After school, Sumiko sat in the very back of the library. Her legs were crossed and currently she was reading Romeo and Juliet. Her face was blank and her eyes were completely focused on what was happening in her book. She was too busy to even notice that Sora was sitting in front of her and the little lazy bee that was her mascot next to her.

"Umm..." Sora interjected waving trying to get the girl's attention. However, the white haired girl dismissed the girl by holding up one finger. Within two minutes she closed the book completely showing she had read the whole book. Sumiko then set thee book down and looked at the dirty blonde hero.

"Okay, I want some answers." Sumiko finally gave a response. "First what exactly is PreCure and what's their purpose?"

"PreCure are legendary warriors that protect a world distant from Earth and are granted magical powers from the said world~hoho. However PreCure are all different depending on the teams, because no team is alike~hoho. There is one group who protect a star shaped island and uses the power of space related objects and as their Cure names~hoho. There's another one too a duo who transforms together and have powers based on fire and ice, they protect music and ponies~hoho. There's also a team of six who control light~hoho...Two others I know of are a group who are themed off of things used to build utopia, and I think there was one who are based on poker~hoho..." Hood explained, for once not sounding tired.

"Interesting," The glasses wearing girl said and pushed up her glasses. "Do you know anything else?"

"Nope, you would have to ask Cure Raven~hoho." The red and black bee fairy said a look of honesty in his eyes.

"Cure Raven?" Sora asked curiously cocking her head to one side. He had never mentioned Cure Raven at all. Who was she? Was she a bad PreCure and that's the reason she wasn't helping her? Had she gone solo and was set on being a solo Cure? So many questions were running through her mind, probably more then Sumiko had,

"She was a Cure who protected the Storybook Kingdom, I don't know much about her~hoho." Hood sighed. "I don't know anything else, honestly."

"Well, then...even though I'm not a PreCure, I'll help gather information and such to help Sora. It's the least I can do since she helped me yesterday from the Three Beckys." Sumiko spoke her face serious, no smile gracing her features. Even though she hadn't made much progress yet, she was sure she would later down the road.

Sora's face brightened a large confident smile plastered on her face. This was going to make her job finding her partners that much easier. With a brain like Sumiko practically anything would be possible, even finding a bunch of PreCure. Suddenly the dirty blonde stood up and clasped Sumiko's hands in her's. "Thank you!" She said cheerfully.

Though because she yelled so loud the librarian shushed the girl and the pixie themed PreCure rubbed the back of her head. She said sorry and bowed then sat down in her chair. Unaware that Princess was in the shadows looking for someone to use as a Yaminaa. Though not even Sumiko sensed it as she was busy scolding Sora for shouting in the library.

Though soon Princess found her target, a boy around Sumiko's age was sorting through books. A bummed out look was plastered on his face and he put another book in. "I wish this library would be smashed to bits..." He sighed.

"I can make your wish come true..." Princess whispered and appeared in front of the teen. "May your story end right here, come out! Yaminaa!" With that the same thing happened. The teen was lifted into the air and he was put inside the same blank book. The book closed and the keyhole rested in the center and a black beam of light shot out hitting a library computer. In a similar way it grew arms, legs, eyes and a keyhole rested on the center of the screen.

The same thing happened as before. The large clock was shown under all of that rubble and the clock's second number glowed brightly. The howling this time became a tiny bit louder, For a brief moment a girl with long silver hair in a blue-white transformation dress appeared. A sad look plastered on her face, her eyes closed. Though just as quickly as she was shown she was plummeted back into darkness.

As Sumiko finished her little lecture she and the two in front of her froze. A large scream filled the air. "Yaminaa!" And students and staff who stayed after school ran out of the area for their lives. Sora suddenly stood up and took her PreCure Storybook out of her bag. "Hood, now!"

With that she was enveloped into the same green ball of light. Hood shot out the key and she grabbed it. "Pretty Cure Tell A Story!" Sora slammed the key into the book and turned it and she transformed. with the same grace as before.

Sumiko watched in disbelief, even if it was her second time seeing the transformation. She just couldn't believe she was actually seeing a girl her age transform! This was suppose to only happen in those anime shows, right?

"Turning faith into pixie dust, Cure Pixie!" Cure Pixie yelled and posed. "Yamada-san, get Hood and yourself somewhere safe."

The white haired girl nodded and ran out of the way and hid behind a small bookshelf her and Hood peeked over the top. Pixie charged forward and punched the unsuspecting monster in the leg. The monster let out a roar and tumbled forward and landed on a table smashing it to bits.

Sumiko crawled over and peered through the door and saw everyone had been evacuated from the school. Though when she turned around she saw Princess her hands were on her hips and she shook her head. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Princess smiled and smacked the girl out of the way making her crash into a table. The green eyed girl screamed as this happened.

Cure Pixie, who had been having a stalemate punching battle with the Yaminaa, turned around. "Yamada-san!" She shouted. The monster took its opportunity and use its keyhole and shot a large amount of electricity at the Cure. Screaming as she was shocked she fell down and was kicked across the room by said monster. Sumiko pushed herself up as Hood watched in terror.

"I promised I would help Kimura-san by gathering information..." The white haired girl stood up as she faintly glowed white. This caught everyone's attention and the injured pixie themed Cure shakily stood up. "But I understand now, the logical order to help her, I must become a PreCure!" With that she was placed in a giant ball of white light and Hood flew in it with her.

"Your a PreCure too~hoho! Only two more left~hoho!" Hood squealed as a PreCure Storybook appeared in front of Sumiko. Suddenly she copied what Sora did as Hood shot out a key with a white ribbon around it.

"Pretty Cure, It's Story Time!" Sumiko slammed the key into the book and turned it and white light blasted out. The book then disappeared.

Sumiko appeared in a golden background and her hair glowed brightly and it turned into a lighter white. Her hair style changed so it was one large pony tail ringlet that went a bit above her ankles, gold streaked throughout the spiral neatly. Smiling faintly she then locked her inner wrist together and as white light gathered on them and she broke them apart. Three golden rings with white gems around them were on each wrist. Her golden-white transformation dress glowed and burst into white and gold flares. Now she wore a white top that was seemingly connected to her skirt appeared, white shoulder pads with golden frills under it too. A white bow in the center of her chest with a gold keyhole in the center. The bottom was a thigh length white puffy skirt with golden frills under it too. It sort of clung to her and wasn't as loose like Cure Pixie's dress. Her feet glowed white and she clicked her heels three times, white heels with a golden keyhole on the back appeared. She closed her eyes and they went from green to gold, and a white ribbon with a golden keyhole on it appeared to keep her hair in place. She waved her right hand over her right side and her transformation book appeared in a white solid book case with a gold keyhole in the center. She then struck a pose.

"Reflecting everyone's destiny, Cure Mirror!" Sumiko introduced her new self and placed her left hand on her hip and her right hand palm facing forward in front of her chest.

"I gotta get out of here..." Princess mumbled and disappeared.

The Yaminaa then glared at Cure Mirror and charged it her a fist ready. As if by instinct she thrust her right palm out. "Mirror Wall!" She yelled as a thick clear barrier was placed in front of her and it blocked the punch sending it backwards.

"I gotta help!" Cure Pixie exclaimed and jumped up and kicked the monster in the face. However the approach was too quick and it shocked her and threw her against the wall then threw her across the library.

Mirror glared and charged forward and punched the monster in the back. However it did barely any damage and she was swatted away with an electric punch. Cure Pixie then stood up and charged a kick, "Pixie Kick!" She yelled and kicked the monster hard with pixie dust and light, knocking it backwards.

She then ran to Cure Mirror and helped her up as Hood gained courage and stabbed the monster with his stinger. Making wires stick out and made it tumble a bit and the bee hid again.

The two Cures charged forward and kicked the monster sending it backwards. However it again quickly punched both sending them spiraling into a bookshelf. Wincing, Cure Pixie stood up and charged at the monster.

"Pixie Dust Impact!" With that she sent a ball of wind and pixie dust into the monster.

"Yaminaa!" The computer monster roared and fell back then punched the pixie themed girl. A scream of pain erupted from her as she was thrown back and landed on table. Cure Mirror glared and dashed forward, her fist glowed brightly and she roared out.

"Mirror Breaker!" With that yell and her fist impacting on it's fist it created quite the large explosion. Making the cracked bookshelves debris fly and Cure Pixie and Hood were thrown backwards and landed on one of the broken walls. The monster glared and grabbed Cure Mirror and threw her out of the way and she landed next to Hood and her pixie themed partner helped her and Hood up.

"There has to be a way to beat it~hoho..." Hood whimpered.

"Wait...if my powers reflected it earlier...then I can use my powers to finish it!" Cure Mirror proclaimed and Cure Pixie raised an eyebrow. "Distract it, then before it hits you I'll finish it!" Pixie nodded and ran out.

"Come and get me!" She laughed and sent a Pixie Cutter at it, hurting it and angering it. Suddenly it charged at her and punched and sent her into a wall again. The white mirror themed Cure realized that plan hadn't a new one hatched in her mind. This time she ran out and kicked the monster making it glow, it then shot a large amount of lightning at the girl. Mirror pushed up her glasses, as her eyesight was bad enough not even being PreCure couldn't fix it.

The words kind of flowed right through her. It was like tying your shoe or riding your bike. It was like she knew what to do, as if she had done it her whole entire life.

"Shine bright and look towards a new future! Pretty Cure," She yelled as the blast came at her. A large square rectangle piece of glass appeared in front of her. Her arms were outwards and palms open and also facing forward as if they were holding the glass magically. The blast hit and the glass shined brightly and as if by magic, it turned the lightning into light. "Beautiful Reflection!" With that the blast shot out hitting the Yaminaa head on. "May the power of holy light make your story continue!"

It glowed and gave one final cry before it disappeared, making the place return to normal and Pixie pushed herself up as she untransformed. The boy in the book had come out and looked confused for a bit. Cure Mirror turned back into Sumiko who stood confused a little. Though Sora smiled and hugged Sumiko who didn't hug back.

After the battle as the two walked and discussed what happened Sora then looked curiously. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

"Why did you name yourself, Cure Mirror?" The dirty blonde asked as she limped a bit.

"Because I believe that destiny can be reflected on mirrors, and I love the Mirror from Snow White because it knows all." Sumiko said pushing her glasses up. Hood kind of lazily sat on her shoulder half way on and half way off said girl's shoulder.

"Interesting...may I call you Sumiko?" Sora asked a smile on her face.

"Sure, if I can call you Sora." Sumiko said and Sora nodded in response. "Though there has to be a logical explanation for everything that has gone on so far." The white haired girl said in a serious manner as Sora laughed with Hood.

"Lighten up, Sumiko, there isn't a logical answer for everything." Sora said an honest look on her face.

"But there has to be! Without logic then my life would absolutely positively have no meaning at all!" Sumiko exclaimed and she failed her arms around dramatically.

"Though how did you get those pictures~hoho?" Hood asked lazily.

"Secret." Sumiko winked.

(ED: Wonderful Story Samba! - Shakira)

Next Time On Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream:

Sora: I'm telling you if we use brute force and confidence we can win!

Sumiko: Logic and defense as offense is the best way, Sora.

Kayo: Maybe I can help you? Or at least, I can try!

Sora: Inoue-san?!

Sumiko: Wait you know her?

Sora: I saved her from the Three Beckys...*laughs sheepishly*

Kayo: Oh, Making A Beautiful Splash! Cure Mermaid Appears!

May the next story also receive a happy ending!

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