Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream

[Fanseries] The Storybook Kingdom where all stories live has been destroyed by the Bad-End Writers. Leaving only Cure Raven of the original PreCure to survive and serperated from her fairy Hood. It's up to Cure Pixie, Cure Mirror, Cure Mermaid and Cure Raven to stop history from repeating. But will they survive or will the threads of fate be the end of them?


1. Faith, Trust, and Cure Pixie Dust!


"Help me!" A loud scream filled the air, the sound of something hitting something else sounded off like a loud drum. A girl was seen flying across the area, her raven colored hair flying in the breeze. This girl was named Cure Raven the Cure of misfortune, as she saw herself, but that was her opinion.

Another screech filled the air and what looked like a cross between a Magpie and a Harpy flew above the girl. Cure Raven winced and she couldn't move, her muscles just refused to listen to her desperate plea. The woman grabbed the girl and bashed her against a tree and threw her into the air and kicked her down. "Die, Cure Raven!" she screeched, like nails on a chalkboard.

As the raven haired girl fell down, tears fell down her face. "It's hopeless." she whispered and fell down into the rubble of part of the castle. Hitting her head hard on a large piece of a rock, and rolled down onto a crumbling wall that hung above the edge of the Storybook Kingdom.

A little red and black bee fairy hovered frozen in fear, his green hood pulled up. Magpie popped up and grabbed him with her claws, "Bye-bye Hood." She smirked.

"Cure Raven~hoho!" Hood screamed but was thrown over the edge of the kingdom and began shooting down to Earth like a rocket. Magpie smirked and tossed her hair and disappeared in a furry of crow feathers. A small yet bone chilling cackle filled the air as she left.

Cure Raven looked up her eyes became very hazy as she felt blood drizzle down from her concussion. Maybe it was best if she just died or lost her memories after all. All of them seemed to be leaving her anyway. She couldn't hear Cure Duck's final breaths, nor could she see Cure Glass's twinkling eyes that sparkled forever. Not even Cure Beast, it was like she couldn't see that devilish smirk she always wore on her face.

Her once ballerina themed outfit was torn horribly, her hair which was once in a ponytail was undone. Her golden eyes full of sorrow and pain. She felt it, the wall that held her high began was finally her time. Cure Raven's hazy eyes closed and the wall gave out and she began to spiral down to Earth. A small smile of relief creeped up on her face.

And just like that everything became nothing but pitch black to her...maybe that's what her team saw.

(OP: Purikyua Story - Yukari Tamura ft. Hood)

The high pitched ringing, the same one that always sounded off the way it did. A hand reached out from under a green blanket and groped the air until it found the clock. Knocking it off the table it clattered down onto the oak floor and stopped ringing. The covers shifted and a girl sat straight up. Her dirty blonde locks were messed up to no end, her dark brown eyes groggy.

Looking down she picked up the clock and looked at thirty...

"Oh well." Sora Kimura said confidently and got out of bed and began brushing her hair revealing it to be hip length and straight. Slipping on her uniform in a quick manner she let out a sigh of despair. It was so...dull. A white tank top under a short sleeved sweater vest, a gray skirt with a red trim, and gray Mary Janes.
Picking up her bag she walked down the stairs, the same old creaking stairs. Sora could already here the noise from the kitchen, smiling bright she jumped into the kitchen then anime deadpanned.

"Oh! I'm late again!" Her father, Ryou Kimura, wailed and ran around the kitchen with toast in his mouth. His hair was short and dirty blonde and his eyes were dark brown. The gray business suit he wore was horribly wrinkly from being wadded up.

"Is there a time when you're never late?" Her mother, Nanami Kimura, asked stifling a giggle. Her mother had curly brown hair and blue eyes and wore a simple one piece white dress and a gray hoody over the top. She pushed her glasses up and sipped some of her tea

"Good morning mom," Sora smiled and grabbed her lunch from the counter and put it in her bag and adjusted her hair a bit.

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" Nanami asked concerned over her daughter eating.

Sora turned around as she walked down the hallway, "Nope! I don't really like breakfast foods!" The dirty blonde gave a smile and walked out the door closing it quickly and began running down the street. She was just sure that something really great was going to happen today, she just knew it. After all school just started two days ago, something good had to happen...maybe.

(Title Card: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust! Cure Pixie Poofs In!)

Turning a sharp corner she stopped and looked at a small bird up in a tree. It was obviously leaving the nest and she kept looking at it still wearing her signature smile. You can do it, Mr. Bird! Sora cheered in her mind.

The bird kept skipping on the branch until it reached the edge of it. The dirty blonde kept looking at the bird, not realizing what time it was. Letting out a small chirping noise, the bird spread it's wings and flew off the branch. It began flying far away until eventually it was completely out of Sora's sight.

"Sometimes I wish I could fly far away, on pixie wings though." Sora said aloud and let out a small giggle and kept on walking down the street. While she kept on walking down the street she went on her usual routine. Bidding hello to the people who rode their bikes down the street or those who walked with their umbrellas to block the sun.

Only have a half a block to go. The dirty blonde thought confidently and walked a bit faster. She was on that side of Hon Town, the side every city or town had. That side where you rarely ever see anyone outside, or where it was just way too quiet to be normal. Suddenly her smile turned into a look of curiosity.

She heard a squeaky noise and looked down at her feet, a small black and red bee with a hood was in front of her. It had it's eyes closed and was obviously knocked out. But she didn't know that it was an actual living being. Picking it up cautiously she brushed it off. "You poor thing, I'll sew you up when I get home. Then I'll try to find your owner." Sora said to herself and put the fairy in her bag.

Suddenly she could hear the school bell ring. "Oh well, I'll get there in time." The dirty blonde smiled confidently and went into a steady jog.

Chattering, that's basically the one single word that could describe the pathway to Hon Academy. It was so jampacked that it took a lot of effort just to move forward. It didn't help that Sora was just short, at least five foot was to her,so practically no one saw her unless they looked down.

"Sora!" A girl called out to the short girl, the said girl turned around to face the girl. She was pretty tall for someone her age, her hair was dyed a dark purple and her eyes were the color of sapphires.

"Hi, Momo-chan!" Sora smiled at the girl now named Momo.

"Did you hear about that meteor shower yesterday?" Momo asked, cocking her head to one side as the two friends began walking down the pathway.
"No, can you tell me more information?" Sora asked, pushing some hair behind her ear.

"People say they saw to beams of light, a red and black one, last night. They said the black one was a girl in some odd uniform." The purple haired girl said pushing her curly locks up with hands.

"Interesting..." A voice said behind the two, the girls turned around and faced the school brain. She wore the same uniform as them and she had white wavy hair her eyes were green. "But logically there couldn't be a girl in an odd uniform flying down towards Earth. People made it up probably." she pushed up her glasses and walked away and began reading a pocket dictionary.

"I worry about her," Sora said, smile fading ever so slightly.

"No time for that we're gonna be late!" Momo cried out and dashed forward.

"W-Wait for me!" Sora called out and ran after her purple haired friend.

A large castle was active in the middle of darkness, that's where the Bad-End Writers were it was in the shape of a bottle of ink. The castle door was locked shut but a dim light poured out of the top. Other then that, basically nothing else was there around it. Just a never ending blank space with tall pillars around it, with some type of odd writing on them.

Inside was actually quite dull, all the furniture was white, like a blank piece of paper that yet to be written on. A giant white throne was in the back of the white room, resting on it was what appeared to be a humanoid wolf wearing a royal get-up. His eyes were droopy; obviously from lack of sleep.

"How could you lose her?" A gruffy voice mocked. The scene shifts showing a really fat pig in a chair, a straw hat on his head and overalls that were a bit too small for his fat body. Next to him was a rake and a pile of different foods, doughnuts, bags of potato chips, and tons of cakes. The really fat pig, Piggy, took a bag of potato chips and opened it and began pouring it in his large mouth.

"That's just repulsive," A snooty voice called out. A girl wearing an old fashioned black ballroom gown with a corset said it, sitting there on a small royal throne. Her hair was black and on one side it covered one of her piercing red eyes. She filed her sharp fingernails and sighed in boredom.

"I don't know how!" Magpie squawked and hit Piggy in the head, making him cough a boat load of chips up. Suddenly before anyone could say anything, a mighty roar and they all froze. Looking forward they saw the humanoid wolf stand up, King Wolf, to be exact.

"Enough!" King Wolf roared again, reaching forward he grabbed his royal scepter and walked down, then looked at Magpie. Taking the scepter he hit her across the face then kicked her across the area making her fly into a small fishbowl. "Now this time I want you to find that fairy and kill it!" He hissed, eyes full of fury.

Magpie pushed herself up and looked angrily at the other two villains. Piggy was still stuffing his face, this time with a giant cake and Princess was focused on painting her nails with venom. "I won't fail." Magpie mumbled and disappeared in a vortex of feathers.

King Wolf sighed in frustration and stomped back up the small stairs that lead to his throne. Closing his eyes he let his minions carry on with their...special activities. At least to Piggy, stuffing your face with tons of foods all day long was an activity; maybe even a sport. For Princess acting like she even cared about fighting was a titanic effort.

"Let's be fair everyone," Sora slammed her palm down on the table and the Three Beckys backed away a little bit.

"Like, why is she talking to us?" The Beckys said together.

The teacher was out so she couldn't take care of it, but the Three Becky's were trying to get answers on the next test from Sumiko. Sora scowled at the girls and put a hand on her hip and kept her palm on Sumiko's desk. Shaking her head to toss some hair out of her eyes. It was silent, awkwardly silent. Even Sumiko was silent, well she kind of was sinking down in her chair. Kind of natural as they were the newest transfer students and triplets.

"Because your trying to pump answers from Yamada-san. You need to be fair and put your brain to work! Use confidence and I'm sure you'll get some answers right on the test." Sora gave a confident smile to the girls who snarled in disgust.

"Like, whatever." One of them said and walked away.

"T-Thank y-you." Sumiko managed to get out and she sat straight up in her chair.

Sora gave a smile, "It's nothing really." The teacher came in and everyone quickly filed back to their seats. Sure Sora wasn't Sumiko's friend. But it's only natural to stop bullying, rather then staying least to the dirty blonde it was.

But what she didn't realize that the bee 'stuffed animal' she picked up had watched them. "A strong will to protect others~hoho..." Hood trailed off. "The requirement to being PreCure~hoho!" he squealed silently and jumped up and down a little. Though no one payed attention as they were focused on Mr. Hitori's lesson.

"Open up your English textbooks to page seventeen, now." Mr Hitori ordered, his blue eyes full of strictness. Silently the students did as told...well who would want to argue with a cranky forty two year old man?

(Eyecatch 1: Sumiko and Amaya are seen together watching as Sora and Kayo struggle to do their homework. Hood suddenly falls out of nowhere sending papers everywhere. Sumiko and Amaya sweatdrop as Sora and Kayo chase Hood, the Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream logo can be seen on the center bottom of the screen.)

(Eyecatch 2: Sora appears playing with a jack in the box with the other Cures(in civilian form) and Hood right behind her looking over her shoulder. It appears to not work and she starts slamming her fist on the toy. Suddenly it explodes into light and the girls are now in their Cure forms. They look curious at one another with Hood equally confused by what happend. The Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream logo appears on the center bottom of the screen.)

"Are you sure?" Momo asked concerned about her friend.

"I'm sure I can walk home by myself today, Momo." Sora gave a confident smile. Momo nodded hesitantly and the two waved goodbye and the dirty blonde began walking home. As she began her usual route home she noticed a lost little girl.

Her hair was dark brown and tied in twin tails and she wore the Hon Preschool uniform. "I w-want m-my m-mommy!" She cried.

"Hey don't cry, I can help you find your mommy." Sora gave a confident smile and adjusted her gray schoolbag. "My name is Sora Kimura what's yours?"

"Hibiki Y-Yuki," the little girl sniffed.

Hood peeked a little from over the bag and he started sensing danger...mostly the stench of rotting flesh. That was the smell of Magpie, and he could tell she was near. But what could he do? If he popped out and told Sora then he would freak out the little girl and the dirty blonde.

"Your mommy doesn't love you, or she would have watched you more carefully." Magpie giggled and jumped down from a tree and landed in front of the two terrified girls.

"T-That's not true!" Hibiki sniffled tears swelling in her eyes.

"Stop it right now, stop bullying this little girl you crow!" Sora yelled, throwing a rock and hit her square in the head. Magpie hissed and sent a flurry of needle feathers at Sora throwing her back into a tree, making Hood and her books spill out of the bag.

"May your story end right here, come out! Yaminaa!" Magpie laughed.

Fear struck both Hood and Sora as they watched a horrid sight. Hibiki was lifted into the air and placed in a medium large book with blank pages. The book closed and a keyhole rested in the center. The keyhole shot a black beam of light at park bench. Quickly it grew eyes, arms, and legs and a keyhole on it's back.

Somewhere in the middle of the ruins of the Storybook Kingdom under all the rubble a clock with fifty numbers each colored black with a silver number in roman numerals sat. Suddenly as if it sense the Yaminaa being summoned the first one glowed brightly and stayed glowing. Though nothing happened you could hear a faint sound of someone cackling. Though the cackling was more of a howl then anything else.

"Yaminaa!" It cried out and Sora shakily stood up and Hood floated up.

"You need to help her~hoho!" Hood cried out and flew up and came face to face with Sora.

"The bee... it talks!" The dirty blonde screamed and fell backwards again.

Magpie grinned, she didn't need to use her energy to make that girl a monster. The fairy was right there the whole time and she didn't realize it. "Gimme the fairy! I need it so my master will be proud of me!"

"Forget about it!" Sora grabbed the bee and held him near her chest. "You can't have Hoho!"

"Actually my name is Hood~hoho! I'm searching for new PreCure, because that evil woman Magpie and her friends wrecked the Storybook Kingdom~hoho! Because of them all sorts of stories were destroyed from Peter Pan all the way to Alice in Wonderland~hoho!" Hood got out.

Sora began trying to process everything that Hood just said. For one, what was a PreCure? But all sorts of stories had been ruined?! Her favorite story Peter Pan had been crushed to bits and she didn't even know it. The dirty blonde glared and let the bee go.

"How dare you?!" Sora yelled and stomped her foot on the ground and she gave off a green aura. "First you destroyed a kingdom, then tons of beloved stories, then turned this girl into a monster?! This is absolutely without a doubt, unforgivable!" With that she was placed into a green ball of light, the light was so bright that the Yaminaa, Hood, and Magpie had to shield their eyes from it.

"What is this?!" Magpie yelled.

In the ball of light Sora looked around confused as suddenly a small storybook with a keyhole in the center appeared. Hood also appeared next to her. "Transform~hoho!" Hood yelled.

Sora suddenly nodded and Hood glowed and shot out a windup key with a green ribbon around it. "Pretty Cure, It's Story Time!" Sora yelled and slammed the key into the keyhole and turned it. Green light blasted out and the book disappeared.

Sora appeared in a green background and her hair glowed brightly and turned yellow and was put into a pixie bob hair style. She smiled and she swirled around and showed her body to be in a transformation towel dress. She smiled again and she closed her right hand and opened it and blew, sending pixie dust everywhere. Sora jumped up and green knee high boots with a pink ribbon on each top appeared. She landed down and the pixie dust enclosed on her towel dress. It exploded and left her in a one piece short green dress with an alligator teeth trim on the bottom. A pink bow was in the center of her chest with a golden keyhole in the center. She winked and more pixie dust wraps around her whole body and it exploded once more. Leaving her eyes green, a small pink bow to keep her hair in place with a gold keyhole on it. She waved her hand over the right side of the pink ribbon that went around her whole waist loosely her PreCure Storybook appeared in a white solid book case with a green keyhole on the front of it. To finish the transformation large pixie wings popped out of her back and she posed.

"Turning faith into pixie dust, Cure Pixie!" Sora ,now Cure Pixie, announced and posed once more.

"Cure Pixie?! AWESOME!" Hood squealed, fanboying over the new and improved Sora.

"Get her, Yaminaa!" Magpie announced and pointed forward. Can't allow another PreCure to get in her way, that's what she thought.

The Yaminaa charged forward and it was like Sora's-no-Cure Pixie's, body moved on it's own. She jumped up on her own her wings, making her fly.

"W-What the..." Pixie trailed off then snapped back to reality. She looked at the book, the little girl was still trapped in there. "Give Hibiki back!" She yelled, thanking the heavens no one lived or came on this side of town.

"Yaminaa!" The monster yelled and punched Cure Pixie sending her flying into a wall. The pain was horrible and she winced and fell down on the ground and whimpered.

"Don't give up~hoho!" Hood cheered and stung Magpie in the neck making her puff up. Due to her being allergic to bees, she couldn't do anything but stand in shock.

Cure Pixie nodded and charged forward her wings glowing. "Pixie Cutter!" Her wings sent two sharp slices of wind and light and hit the monster head on making it fall back.

"Pixie Dust Impact!" The pixie themed PreCure yelled and charged a sphere of wind and pixie dust in her right hand. The Yaminaa punched at the same time Cure Pixie hit with the attack. The collision caused a giant explosion and made the two go backwards.

"Go Cure Pixie!" Hood cheered and jumped up and down as Magpie disappeared in shame.

Cure Pixie jumped forward and punched the Yaminaa twice then kicked it into the ground. "Pixie Dust Impact!" She yelled and threw another ball of wind and pixie dust, creating a giant impact.

"Yaminaa!" It yelled and as the wind cleared out, it grabbed Pixie's leg and slammed her into the ground then through her across the area and made her land in a pile of rubble. Panting, she pushed herself up and looked the monster dead in the eye.

"Your going down!" The blonde PreCure yelled and glowed green again.

"Finish it off!~hoho!" Hood yelled and cheered.

"Fly high forever! Pretty Cure," Pixie yelled and suddenly her wings grew a bit larger and they started glowing. She jumped up and spun around a little bit and the wind began picking up. Suddenly she stopped, landed on her heels quickly and silently, and held out her arms as if she was going to fly upwards. "Faithful Winds!" With that the wings suddenly began flapping at a high pace. A large whirlwind of pixie dust and wind engulfed the monster and she winked. "May the power of faith make your story continue!" With that the monster exploded and the book disappeared. Hibiki's eyes began to slowly open.

Cure Pixie transformed back into Sora and she ran over to Hibiki just as Hibiki's mother appeared.

"I've been worried sick, thank you Miss for finding my little girl." Hibiki's mother thanked Sora, who hid Hood behind her back.

"N-No problem ma'am." Sora smiled and waved goodbye as the two left. She let go of Hood who began coughing and floated next to her. "Okay you have a lot to explain, like that monster, the crow, how I transformed and a lot of other things to explain." She smiled and began walking home with Hood next to her.

This was just the beginning...she had many battles ahead of her. Maybe this time history won't repeat itself...but not everyone can escape fate. But maybe, just maybe she could. Though so many questions were running through the dirty blonde's mind.

(ED: Wonderful Story Samba! - Shakira)

Next Time On Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream:

Sora: I still don't understand what's going on...

Sumiko: Maybe I can give you a logical explanation, Cure Pixie.

Sora and Hood: Oh no she heard and saw everything!!(Add sentence ender ~hoho for Hood)

Sumiko: Next time on Pretty Cure Fairytale Dream, The Power Of Reflections! Cure Mirror Shines!

May the next story also receive a happy ending!

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